Police put an end to a party of 100 people in a shisha bar in Anderlecht

While bars in the Brussels Region have already been closed since October 7, the police have put an end to a clandestine party in a hookah bar in the municipality of Anderlecht, reports the Flemish daily Het Nieuwsblad.

Alerted by a phone call, the police went to the bar near the Midi station on Friday. Despite the blinds down, police officers entered the establishment and discovered several dozen revelers.

The police then proceeded, not without calm, to evacuate the premises. Several people tried to flee this illegal evening. “There was a crowd movement,” Kathleen Calie, spokesperson for the Brussels-Midi police zone, told Sudinfo. “Only one person was arrested because he was recalcitrant and incited rebellion,” she said.

According to videos posted on social media, the many participants were not wearing masks. Nearly a hundred people were present, although the police could not confirm this. Six minutes were established at the expense of the operator of the premises and the individual arrested. The other participants received a report for non-compliance with corona measurements.

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