Police unions ready to participate in “Beauvau de la sécurité”

It took less than a month and a one-page letter signed by the Minister of the Interior, Gérarld Darmanin, to bring them back to the table for future negotiations. Tuesday January 12, Alliance, the majority union among the peacekeepers, and the National Union of Autonomous Trade Unions (UNSA) confirmed that they would participate in the “great debate” on security which is due to begin at the end of the month of January and continue until May.

On December 15, 2020, a week after the announcement by the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, of the holding of the “Beauvau de la sécurité”, the two professional organizations had nevertheless indicated their refusal to join in what Fabien Vanhemelryck , secretary general of Alliance, then called“Umpteenth seminar without concrete measures beforehand”.

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In the meantime, the commitments made by Mr. Darmanin to satisfy the demands of the recalcitrant unions were enough to overcome their prejudices. “Everyone is on board, we can start working calmly”, says the minister’s entourage. In a letter to their representatives on Tuesday, he promised, in particular, the implementation of the 1is January 2022 free transport between home and work for “active staff” of the national police, as well as better support for mutual funds by the ministry, a measure whose programming had however already been approved for all civil servants by the Minister of Transformation and the Civil Service, Amélie de Montchalin, on December 17. Other points raised by the unions, such as reducing the volume of hours devoted to “undue tasks” – such as the static guards of private buildings or prisoners in hospitals, diplomatically baptized “Peripheral missions” by the ministry – will also be included in the agenda of the next meetings, ” without taboo “ specifies Mr. Darmanin. And without great precision, for the moment, on the methodology to be adopted. It will be presented to unions on January 25.

Simplify the criminal procedure

” The essential, advances Thierry Clair, secretary general of UNSA, is to think the subject of security other than through a purely political debate and finally approach the situation in a rational and concrete way. The police need to be modernized, and not only in material terms. ”

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