Porsche Taycan Cross Tourism around the corner. The increased electric station wagon wants to bet on practicality

The Mission E Cross Tourismo concept in 2018 indicated that Porsche was working on an electrically powered station wagon with a raised chassis. This year, such a car is about to be sold.

Porsche’s Taycan model successfully entered the field of electric cars, when this car immediately became a bestseller. Last year alone, more than 20,000 copies were handed over to customers. In Zuffenhausen, however, they do not rest on their laurels and want to keep the interest in the car. That’s why its second body version will arrive soon.

This will be an increased station wagon called the Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo, the arrival of which the carmaker has already announced in advance. Like Taycan, it comes from the Mission E concept from 2015, its more practical combi derivative is a direct follow – up to the study Mission E Cross Tourismo from 2018. At the same time, it retains not only its station wagon body, but also its raised chassis.

“With Taycan Cross Turismo, we want to offer another model that offers a little more space and flexibility,” says Stefan Weckbach, head of the Taycan product line, in a newly released video about the impending arrival of a new body version of the electric Porsche. This is called CUV, cross utility vehicle.

For the time being, the car is carefully hidden under a layer of camouflage, but it is still clear that it will be close to its concept. after all, even the default Taycan hasn’t changed that much since the original Mission E study. “We designed a completely new roof silhouette, with roof rails, a more spacious space at the back and a larger boot,” complements Weckbach, making it a more suitable choice for customers with an active lifestyle. The differences will therefore be similar to those of the Panamera and the derived Panamera Sport Turismo.

However, the Porsche manager also admits that the Cross Turismo will also receive a raised chassis with a specifically adjusted suspension, which together with a special driving mode will help the car when driving off paved roads. However, even this was already announced by his concept, on the contrary, the Panamera Sport Turismo remains a classic station wagon, without a raised chassis.

More detailed information on the propulsion system has not been published yet, but it can be assumed that the same derivatives will be available as for the starting Taycan. This would mean a base with 300 kW and a top Turbo S with an output of 560 kW.

In any case, Porsche has not yet announced when Taycan Cross Turismo will be officially introduced to the world and when the first pieces will reach customers. However, there was already a slight delay, the carmaker planned to launch orders for the car last year, great interest in the current design, however, led the management to change their minds and postpone the launch until this year. In addition, the unceasing coronavirus pandemic, which continues to affect global events, may have spoken into the plans.


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