Possible reasons NWA removal of youtube videos

By Romina Lugo – PUBLISHED ON 02/28/2021 AT 04:00

A few hours ago, we reported that National Alliance Wrestling (BLACK) has removed all his videos from his official YouTube channel for no apparent reason. All content from the Billy Corgan-run company, including all episodes of NWA Powerr, his weekly show that was paralyzed by the coronavirus pandemic, have been removed.

According to a report Dave Meltzer posted on the forum of the Wrestling Observer, NWA would be preparing a big announcement for the next few days That will be a good thing for the promoter and her fans. It was already clear that is not related to All Elite Wrestling.

NWA’s last appearances were with the specials “PrimeTime Live“Produced together with United Wrestling Network and in a weekly PPV format. Said program had 11 episodes. It also made a recording in the month of December called “Shockwave”.

Since the hiatus, many of the NWA fighters have gone to other companies, including Eli Drake, James Storm, Zicky Dice, Marti Belle, and Royce Isaacs. The company has had exposure in recent months since its former women’s champion, Thunder Rosa, appeared on AEW Dynamite representing NWA. Furthermore, it should be remembered that its president William Corgan denied the cessation of NWA operations and assured that they were working on other ways to present their product to the public.

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