Prangins honored with the 2021 Wakker Prize for the “qualities” of its town planning –

The 2021 Wakker Prize is awarded to the Vaud municipality of Prangins. Swiss Heritage thus wishes to distinguish a locality which, subjected to strong urbanization pressure, highlights its architectural and landscape qualities.

Prangins’ regional planning policy is based on respect for open spaces and buildings that have appeared over time, Swiss Heritage note on Tuesday in its press release. Among them are the baroque castle, which houses the antenna of the Swiss National Museum, and its parks.

The town hall of Prangins, which was the old farm of the castle, brings together under one roof the municipal administration, the police station, a grocery store, a tea room and a kindergarten, underlines Swiss Heritage. [GAETAN BALLY – KEYSTONE]Through a clear development strategy, the municipality encourages urban planning interventions that allow moderate growth in the interior, continues Swiss Heritage. This action preserves and strengthens architectural values. It also creates the foundations necessary to reconcile population growth of 30% in the next 10 to 20 years with a high quality of habitat.

In addition, Prangins refrains from making cultivated areas constructible. The animation of its historic center strengthens identity and social cohesion.

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Prangins (VD) receives the Wakker 2021 prize for its “respect for open spaces and buildings that have appeared over time” / Le 12h30 / 2 min. / Tuesday at 12:35

Quality development

These clear strategies and positions allow the municipality to lead a development adapted to the site and of quality. With this widely supported approach, growth prescriptions imposed from outside can be tackled proactively, considers Swiss Heritage.

Prangins is listed by the Federal Inventory of Built Sites (ISOS) among objects of national importance. Neighboring the city of Nyon, the town is subject to strong growth. An integral part of the “Greater Geneva” agglomeration perimeter, its resident population should increase by 30% by 2030/2040, notes Swiss Heritage.

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Does Switzerland sufficiently protect its heritage? Interview with Béatrice Lovis / Le 12h30 / 5 min. / Tuesday at 12:36

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