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Pre-agreement for the Sidenor framework agreement, with a salary increase of a minimum of 10% in five years

The unions CC OO, UGT and USO have reached an agreement with the management, which also includes 200 permanent contracts, and will be discussed at the group’s plants

In a very complicated context for collective bargaining due to the rise in the IPC, the management of Sidenor and the unions USO, UGT and CC OO have just reached a preliminary agreement for the framework agreement for the next five years, which could cover 1,200 workers if it is ratified in the plants. The pact contemplates a salary increase of a minimum of 10% from 2022 to 2027 (the first year would be 2.5%), with a safeguard clause to review the deviation with respect to inflation at the end of the period, with a maximum of 5%. In this way, one of the thorniest issues on the table has been solved.

The pre-agreement reached at dawn today, after more than 18 hours of negotiations, lays the foundations for a five-year job stability at a difficult time for Sidenor, which has been forced to stop its production 20 days until the end of the year for high electricity prices. The pact would cover 1,200 workers at the Basauri, Vitoria, Reinosa plants, the central offices and R&D. Legutiano and Azkoitia would be left out, a plant that is not affected by the pre-agreement since it has its own agreement in force until 2022.

However, the application of the agreement, once ratified, must be agreed in each of the centers, where union representation is different. Thus, in Basauri, where 700 people work, the three signatory unions –USO, UGT and CC OO– have 8 representatives out of 21. The rest are divided between ELA, ESK, LAB and SU. It will be necessary to see if any of these plants are added or more than 50% of the workers join in order to achieve general efficiency.

One of the main obstacles in the negotiation has been the CPI reference for the increase in wages. The signatory unions believe that the agreed formula “contributes to maintaining the purchasing power of the workers,” according to Víctor Sánchez, representative of the USO union section. Salaries will rise 2.5% in 2022, 2% in 2023, 2024 and 2025 and 1.5% in 2026. In total, 10%. But two clauses are established to cover the deviation with respect to real inflation in the period, yes, with a maximum of 5%. Thus, on January 1, 2027, the gap will be consolidated in tables and an extra payment will be paid for the difference, in both cases with the aforementioned limit.

In addition, on January 1, 2022, a premium of 1,000 euros will be paid, which at an average salary of 40,000 euros represents 2.5%. In relation to salaries, there will be a variable remuneration based on the benefits obtained that can reach a maximum of 2% if Sidenor earns more than 60 million euros.

Another of the important points agreed refers to the reduction of temporary employment up to 15% in the group, excluding substitutions, temporary employment and training. For this, the hiring of 200 workers is considered permanent.

The preliminary agreement also contemplates partial retirements for those born between 1958 and 1964, which means about 140 workers with the possibility of a relief contract. The departure of those born between 1958 and 1959 will be immediate. “In this way, the rejuvenation of the insoles is made possible and the problem of high temporality is solved”, highlights Sánchez.


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