Premier League: LIVE Minute by minute Everton vs Fulham, James and Mina headlines | Premier League

All set for Everton’s recovery in the Premier League!

Minute 69- ¡Gooool! Fulham’s revenge, robbery on the left and a shot from Loftus-Cheek that hits Mina (without guilt) and gets to 2-3.

Minute 67- Incredible! Cavaleiro slips in the charge and the ball goes very high. Everton is saved from!

Minute 66- Penalty for Fulham! Godfrey foul against Loftus-Cheek

Minute 60- Cavaleiro shoots but finds Pickford well located. Everton backs off to secure the score.

Minute 48- Good free kick that looked for Richarlison through the middle of the area, but the goalkeeper reacted well


Good game for Everton against a clearly inferior opponent, winning well 1-3, with practical and forceful play.


Minute 34- Goal! Almost traced play: James opens Digne, impeccable center and the one who appears now is Docouré to define with a head and put the account 1-3

28th minute- Everton goal! James opens the pass to Digne on the left, center and Calvert-Lewin always appears firm for the 1-2

Minute 27- James’ first attempt crashing into a rival

Minute 20- Richarlison’s quick attack (which he missed) and the goalkeeper saves his shot in front of the goal

Minute 17- Iwobi’s goal play canceled out of place

Minute 15- Mina’s error! The Colombian beat De Cordova-Reid the hand in hand and controls the ball until he also beat Pickford. Fulham draws 1-1 vs. Everton.

Minute 12- Reaction from Fulham, a center who walks in front of the Everton goal, accompanies Pickford just in case but local legs do not appear.

Minute 11- Godfrey center but Iwobi and Calvert-Lewin don’t get to touch it

Minute 10- Shy reaction from Fulham, approaches but with timely clearances from the visiting defense

Minute 1- GOOOOOOL! Everton scores at 41 seconds, Fulham’s start error, steals Richarlison and center for Calvert-Lewin, who just has to push it.


Coach Carlo Ancelotti has arranged James Rodríguez and Yerry Mina as starters, and recovers Richarlison, the one who has been most missed in the last four winless games.


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