Presidential 2020: Mélenchon, Le Pen … they all adopt a positive attitude

“It sometimes happens that your morale breaks, for that, I found an effective remedy: the positive attitude. “She was not a shadow political advisor, Lorie, in 2004. Yet at the time already, the heady chorus of her hit had seduced even Matignon. “The positive attitude is almost a question of philosophy. We do not have the right to be desperate ”, had repeated Jean-Pierre Raffarin, persuaded to hold here a political mantra with magical springs. While the health and economic crisis is hitting France head-on today, many aspiring presidential candidates are convinced: they will only pierce the hearts of the French (and at the ballot box) if they succeed. make their “Lorie spirit”.

“We must build a positive majority”, declares Jean-Luc Mélenchon, at the beginning of November, at the time of formalizing his launch in the race for the Elysee. To do this, he launched a new digital platform called “We are for” in order to showcase popular support for his ideas and for himself. “This is a lesson we learned from the 2017 campaign, (Editor’s note: the positive) allows you to create a real membership, not just a supporters’ club during an election, ”explains MEP (LFI) and strategist Manuel Bompard. A wind of positivity necessary to forge a lasting political dynamic … and erase the angry image of the first of the rebellious. Mélenchon thus dreams of following in the footsteps of his mentor François Mitterrand, who had promised to “change the lives” of the French.

“We must create adhesion”

At Les Républicains, we have been repeating since 2017 that the right must not only promise “blood and tears” to the French, a reference to the program of François Fillon, considered too austere. “We diagnosed Fillon’s campaign: the solutions were good, but they lacked empathy, we have to build support. It lacked hope. People remembered that they were going in ch… with him ”, analyzes a close friend of the president (LR) of the senators, Bruno Retailleau, at the time campaign coordinator and now aspiring candidate for 2022. No question of evoking the suppression 500,000 civil servant positions like Fillon – too distressing – Retailleau prefers to speak of “debureaucratizing the State”.

The day after the first round of the 2017 presidential election, Benjamin Griveaux – then spokesperson for the candidate Macron – explained the breakthrough of En Marche! because, unlike the historical parties (LR and PS), they had led a “positive campaign”. “Emmanuel Macron had a positive approach to political debate, less confrontational. He refused to talk about others, did not strike, ”observes Parisian deputy (LREM) today Pierre Person. He also knows the need to “find positivity” in the message that the outgoing president will have to carry for 2022. This will be much less simple than in 2017.

“We must find a Make America Great Again for us”

Marine Le Pen, she dreams of her revenge against Macron, and also tries to get rid of the image of eternal protest candidate. “The anti-establishment, anti-elite position of the RN is not enough to create enthusiasm”, analyzes Philippe Moreau-Chevrolet, professor of political communication at Sciences-po. “We cannot remain in denunciation. This is an approach that Marine Le Pen has initiated but must be accelerated, ”recognizes the MEP (RN) Jérôme Rivière.

Returning from a trip to the United States to observe the Trump campaign, he believes that the RN should be inspired by the outgoing US president. Its positioning in the middle of the public, like the content of its message. “Trump, he makes people dream. We must find a Make America Great Again ours. People understood this slogan, ”said Rivière, who planned to give a strategic note to the boss of the RN on the subject. It will also be a challenge for environmentalists, who will have to succeed in combining their message of the fight against global warming with a necessary message of hope, if they want to conquer power.

In the aftermath of an unprecedented economic and health crisis, when the climate challenge has never seemed so compelling, we will have to “turn on a light so that we can tell ourselves that there is an end of the tunnel” like the Mélenchon slipped. The presidential candidates will perhaps hum then these few words: “In front of the pain, you must know how to face, me I found a very effective remedy: the positive attitude. “

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