Presidential 2022: Yannick Jadot wants to give an energy check of 650 euros to the most disadvantaged

The purchasing power of households is in the process of asserting itself in the debate six months before the presidential election. And soaring energy prices have kind of ignited the fuse. Asked about France Info, Yannick Jadot, the EELV candidate is betting on a redistribution for the most disadvantaged households, while tackling the passing Anne Hidalgo on the reduction in taxes which would benefit, according to him more to the owners of large 4X4. Not tender with the mayor of Paris, supported by the PS, Jadot also pointed out “the serious limits” of the five-year term Holland on the social and ecological level, while ensuring that the rival candidacy of the socialist Anne Hidalgo “is not (his) subject ”.

“I propose that these 2.5 billion be returned to the French in the form of an energy check,” he explained. This check would be 400 euros additional for the 5.8 million families in greatest difficulty who already touch 250 euros and 100 euros for 15 million French middle class. “

Jadot, not the only one on the niche

For its part, the government to face the rise in energy prices has already announced a tariff shield with the blocking of the gas price until April 2022 and the revaluation of the energy check.

VIDEO. Jean Castex: the government will “block the price of gas”

But in general, presidential candidates want to go further. Anne Hidalgo, the PS candidate proposed to lower fuel taxes. An exit which immediately earned him criticism on “the complete inconsistency of Anne Hidalgo who both wants to accelerate the ecological transition and wholesale offers to subsidize fossil fuels”, tackled Bruno Le Maire, the Minister of the Economy .

More astonishing, Xavier Bertrand, the candidate of the right is found almost in the proposals of Yannick Jadot, the candidate EELV. “Since the beginning of the year, increases in gas have caused an increase in taxes: 2 billion euros have entered the state coffers and the state has returned 580 million euros. I would have returned the money, ”Xavier Bertrand had launched on October 4.

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