PRI is proclaimed winner in 21 municipalities of Hidalgo

Pachuca.- The Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) proclaimed himself the winner in at least 21 municipalities of Hidalgo, among them Pachuca and Mineral de la Reforma, in addition to retaining Tulancingo, thereby endorsing the PRI stronghold in the state.

The PRI leadership, headed by Julio Valera as secretary general, announced that in this election to renew the mayoralties they recovered the state capital and Mineral de la Reforma that were in the hands of the PAN.

In addition to these triumphs, it was also reported that they were able to retain Tulancingo, with which the PRI achieved the most important municipalities of Hidalgo and with it Morena was defeated, who was seeking these mayors based on the Obrador effect.

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Without a preview of the “Preliminaries 2020” program of the State Electoral Institute (IEEH) And with their own counts, the PRI members also announced that they won the city of Huejutla, which was ruled by the PES.

While the 2020 Preliminary Program The electoral body that was installed at 6 in the afternoon did not register any advance of the electoral day.

Eleven political parties participated in this election, seven of them with national registration and four local, which disputed 1080 positions, of which 84 were mayors, 96 syndicates and 900 regidurías.



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