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Since he was left in a vegetative state in October 2015 from the heavy blows he received when he fought Terrell Williams, the life of Prichard Colón is a never ending battle. The boxer suffered a , ended up in a wheelchair and in 2021 he had to undergo surgery once more.

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The athlete was born in Florida in 1992 but decided to represent Puerto Rico becoming one of the most important boxing stars in that country.

Prichard From a very young age, he was attracted to boxing and thus managed to become an amateur champion in the 141 and 152 pound divisions. Represented Puerto Rico in the Youth Pan American Championship in the 64 kilogram category and was one of those who competed in the Olympic qualifiers for London 2012, but failed to win.

Then, 2013 passed when he made his professional debut fighting against Xavier Lasalle. This was the first of 10 fights in the Caribbean until he could reach the USAespecially in Las Vegas and New York. It was thus that Columbus during that competition with Lasalle was victorious. Two years later (September 11, 2015) he was crowned the winner during his 16th presentation. At that time he had to fight with Vivian Harris.

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Success smiled at Prichard Columbus and he would arrive enthusiastically for his fight number 17 against Terrel Williams. But in that battle, not everything went well for Colón, as he received severe blows that caused a stroke.


October 17, 2015 was going to be an important date for Prichard Columbus because he had set out to win the boxing match against Terrell Williams, who arrived undefeated. This took place in Fairfax state of Virginia (United States).

Ready in the ring they both started the fight and during the first rounds Prichard he became the favorite of the public and had a certain advantage; However, with the passing of the rounds everything was reversed and the blows of Williams they were being noticed.

In the seventh round Prichard He fell, it was at that moment that he felt a strong pain in his head, in the back, but still he got up and wanted to continue fighting despite being dizzy. In round 8, he recovered and had an advantage over his competitor but this was short-lived, because in round 9 Williams knocked him down.

At the end of the fight, he told his family that he felt dizzy and vomit, then he fainted on the spot and was taken to the hospital where he had a CT scan that showed a subdural hematoma.

This stroke was caused by severe blows to the skull, as a result of which he was in a coma for more than 200 days. But luckily the boxer was able to recover but was left in a vegetative state, laying him down in a wheelchair.


The former boxer underwent a successful operation at the Atlanta hospital on July 12, as confirmed by his mother on social media.

In the surgical intervention, they implanted plates in the left area of ​​his skull which were necessary because that area had been ‘sinking’ with the passage of time during these five years and seven months of his last intervention in the area.

I finally saw my son, he looks a little pale and still with anesthesia effects, a little disoriented, he looked at me as we Puerto Ricans say: spooning, putting his lips as if my heart were going to cry ????? ??? .. How I would like your pain to be me”, His mother posted on social networks.

The boxer has an Instagram account that was created by his family during 2021 to publicize the progress that the former boxer has had in his health.


The young athlete received in June 2021 the distinction of honorary champion of the World Boxing Council (WBC, in English). Through a statement he recognizes Prichard. In addition, in 2016 the “Prichard Colón” standard was created, in honor of the young man who has been recovering.


Since he suffered the stroke, Nieves Meléndez, Prichard’s mother, takes care of her son and strives so that the young athlete does not lack anything. She seeks therapies to see little by little the improvement of the former boxer. In his social networks you can see the affection that Nieves shows him.

Before undergoing a new operation, the mother of Prichard He used his social networks to ask for a prayer for his son.

Good morning: # PRAY4PRICHARD ready for one more day… !!! This today full of great faith and hope, trusting this operation for a great recovery. Prichard Colón Meléndez I love you son and for you I will always give life to you. I tell you I have a lot of nerves, a little scared, but I still have faith. God is still on the matter and directing the hand of the doctors for that (cranial implant). Thank you for your prayers, God bless you very much, blessings “, posted.

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Prichard was born in Maitland, Florida. His parents are Nieves and Richard Colón, a retired military man. At the age of 10, his family decided to move to Puerto Rico, so Prichard could represent the island in competitions. The family settled in the rural town of Orocovis, Puerto Rico.

He began his career at the Albergue Olímpico in Salinas, Puerto Rico. It was there that he earned the nickname “Digget”, which comes from the word “excavator” in relation to his height. After graduating from high school, Colón began studying Business Administration at the Universidad del Sagrado Corazón in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

During his amateur career, Colón gained fame for winning 5 national championships. In the 141 and 152 pound divisions. He also won the gold medal at the 2009 Pan American Youth Championships. He fought in the Pre-Olympic Games in Brazil to earn a pass to the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, but lost to a Venezuelan fighter in the third round.

In 2012, Colón decided to become a professional wrestler. He finished his amateur career with a 170-15.6 record.


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