Prince Andrew under suspicion of abuse: Details about the bathtub

Prince Andrew is suspected of having sexually assaulted Virginia Roberts, then 17. The incident is said to have occurred in Ghislaine Maxwell’s apartment. Now new details are known.

418 pages of statements by Ghislaine Maxwell became public on Thursday. They come from an affidavit of the 58-year-old Jeffrey Epstein confidante in 2016. Even then, Maxwell was supposed to comment on the allegations that Epstein was running an abuse ring in which minors were forced to engage in sexual acts.

Maxwell is currently in custody in the US, but the now published court documents shed new light on the allegations of abuse. Queen’s son Prince Andrew is also suspected of molesting Virginia Roberts, who was 17 at the time. According to the documents, Maxwell responded to this allegation in 2016 with sometimes bizarre statements.

Ghislaine Maxwell’s 2016 court records: Prince Andrew’s name has been blacked out. (Source: / Carlo Allegri / Reuters)

Now there are details on whether the now 60-year-old Royal should have had sex with Virginia Roberts in the bathroom of Maxwell’s Townhouse in London. Prince Andrew vehemently denies this accusation to this day. Ghislaine Maxwell claims not to have known anything about the whole story. “She (editor’s note: Virginia Roberts) claims that things were happening in my bathroom. It’s just not possible. The tub is too small for any kind of activity.”

The size of the bathtub as an exclusion criterion is not everything. Maxwell then says, “Your whole ridiculous and absurd story of what happened in my house is an obvious lie”.

“He doesn’t even know who Virginia Roberts is”

Some of the passages in the court documents are blackened out, so the names of celebrities like Prince Andrew are not shown. However, US media such as “Slate” have already deciphered the information and compared it with known information from the numerous investigations against Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. The bathtub scenario is therefore clearly assigned to Prince Andrew.

What else does Maxwell say about Prince Andrew? In a dialogue starting on page 105 of the documents, Maxwell reports that she has known him “for a long time” but never introduced him to Jeffrey Epstein or Virginia Roberts and that Andrew never told her that he had sex with Roberts Giuffre. On page 232 of the papers it reads like this:

“So did Prince Andrew tell you he didn’t have sex with Virginia Roberts?”

Maxwell: “He doesn’t even know who Virginia Roberts is.”

“Did he tell you he wasn’t having sex with her?”

Maxwell: “It would be difficult to have sex with someone you don’t know.”

Ghislaine Maxwell even claims that she does not know the infamous photo (see above) of Prince Andrew, in which he puts his arm around Virginia Roberts. She can obviously be seen in the background of the picture.


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