Prince Andrew’s alibi dissolves

Prince Andrew’s 2001 alibi for the alleged assault on Epstein victims dissolves.
Image: dpa

Last year, Prince Andrew denied having stayed at the home of sex offender Jeffrey Epstein in 2001. Research by the Daily Mail and a victim at the time claim the opposite.

BHis memories of joint activities with the late New York sex offender Jeffrey Epstein must have been mistaken for Prince Andrew. According to research by the Daily Mail, the son of Queen Elizabeth II spent at least one night in Epstein’s Manhattan house when he visited the United States in the spring of 2001.

In a television interview last year, the 60-year-old aristocrat had denied moderator Emily Maitlis that he had stayed at Epstein’s at the time.

An alleged victim of the finance manager, Virginia Roberts Guiffre, said to have become intimate with the prince while in Manhattan. Roberts Giuffre has been accusing Epstein for years of sexually abusing her as a minor. In addition, the businessman, who was found hanged in a prison cell after the arrest in summer 2019, is said to have repeatedly passed the Californian on to acquaintances, allegedly including Prince Andrew, for assaults.


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