Prince Philip, his memorable faux pas

Consort of the Queen Elizabeth from 20 November 1947, together with her he marked the post-war history of the United Kingdom. The Prince Philip, which on 10 June will blow out the beauty of 100 candles, is one of the most debated and talked about faces belonging to the Royal Family ever, especially due to the long reign of his wife. On the world political scene for over seventy years, his name has been in the spotlight several times more attentive than the mass media; primary accomplice, a life sometimes marked by controversial, embarrassing and … very disturbing comments!

Several times, in fact, he has seen the spotlight on himself due to some memorable gaffes that involved famous people (and not only), often belonging to the entertainment world, and who have not gone unnoticed. In 1969, for example, he let slip one comment too many towards the pop star Tom Jones, at the time still in the dawn of success. “It’s strange to see how popular it is. Sing the most horrible songs ”. In short, the good Prince Philip did not seem to particularly appreciate the music of the Welsh singer. Too bad that it was not an isolated case, as in the crosshairs of some mocking comments finished two other international super stars, who bear the names of Elton John e Madonna. On the first one, in 2001, Queen Elizabeth’s husband said “I wish he would turn off the microphone”, while the singer of Like a Virgin, was commented on the occasion of one of his performances with “Will we need earplugs?”. In short, we understand that Prince Philip does not particularly like pop music!

However, there was no lack of colorful expressions even during working moments which saw the longest-lived consort of England as protagonist. For example, during a visit to Belize in 1994 he said to the Queen “Yak, yak, yak! Come on, move! ”, While she was busy chatting with her guests. Or, in 2015, on the occasion of the commemoration of the Battle of Britain, he told the photographer “Take this f ****** photo!”, Probably impatient by the wait. And it doesn’t stop there. On the opening of the new British embassy in Berlin in 2000 he had pronounced himself saying “It is a huge waste of space”.

The list of faux pas continues. Up Lady Di, when expressed his anguish about her husband’s infidelity, Charles, Prince Philip commented sarcastically by saying “I admit that I am not as talented as marriage counselor“, Probably referring to the more ambiguous sides of his marital relationship. Or, in 2002 in France, he claimed that the French are unable to make a good breakfast and, in 1994, he asked a wealthy Cayman islander if most of them are descended from pirates.

We can say without a doubt: the Prince Philip not only does it boast a lasting and honorable life at Buckingham Palace, but also a long list of unforgettable, and sometimes rough, gaffes!


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