Prohibition of Playing for Life, This Former Dota 2 Pro Player Turns to MLBB – As a result of a life ban, former players Dota 2 this decided to switch to Mobile Legends. The development is quite impressive considering that the new eSports team is showing off their Mythical Glory achievements.

Unmitigated, the team claims that its players who switched from Dota 2 to MLBB managed to reach Mythical Glory within 10 days.

Jacko once dominated the MMR Dota 2 Ranking in Southeast Asia. He won Mythical Glory (600 points) in 10 days, from Dota 2 to Mobile Legends, “wrote the official account of Amihan Esports which oversees Jacko.

Even the eSports team also asked pro player Bren KarlTzy (MVP in the M2 World Championship Mobile Legends final) to watch out for Jacko.

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For information, Jacko “Jacko” Soriano is a former Filipino professional Dota 2 player. He was banned from all Valve-owned events due to his involvement in a match-fixing scandal while on the Mineski team.

Jacko won Mythical Glory within 10 days in Mobile Legends. (Facebook / Amihan Esports)

Quoted from VP Esports, Jacko has now switched to Mobile Legends from Dota 2 due to the lifetime ban he received in 2016.

The ban came after an internal investigation by his own organization, Mineski, which found Jacko and seven other players guilty of match-fixing involvement.

To the Manila Bulletin, Jacko admitted that he was inspired by the pro players of Dota 2 when he made this decision. Johan “N0tail” Sundstein was the one who inspired him when he decided to switch platforms.

Jacko won Mythical Glory within 10 days in Mobile Legends.  (Facebook / Amihan Esports)
Jacko won Mythical Glory within 10 days in Mobile Legends. (Facebook / Amihan Esports)

N0tail is a former HoN pro who switched to Dota 2 and is now the most successful player in the game, “Jacko said to Manila Bulletin. Jacko’s achievement on Mythical Glory achievement went viral on Facebook.

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Uploads about obtaining Mythical Glory within 10 days apparently received 14 thousand likes and were shared more than 6,700 times. For Amihan Esports’ boast, it will be very interesting to watch the development of the former Dota 2 pro player who will later play in the Mobile Legends professional competition in the Philippines. Can Jacko keep up with KarlTzy?


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