Prosecutor opens preliminary investigation against former president Martín Vizcarra for the ‘Swing’ case | PERU

Updated 11/16/2020 at 11:24 AM

The National Prosecutor, Zoraida Aválos, ordered the initiation of a preliminary investigation against former President Martín Vizcarra for the alleged commission of the crimes of aggravated influence peddling and obstruction of justice for the irregular hiring of Ricardo Cisneros – known as Richard ‘ Swing’- at the Ministry of Culture.

As is recalled, the investigative acts were suspended due to the presidential inauguration, but after the vacancy they were reactivated. The case of Richard Swing arises from a journalistic complaint made last May about the contracts that the Ministry of Culture made to Richard Cisneros, a singer who would have been close to Martin Vizcarra in the 2016 presidential campaign.

According to this complaint, Cisneros was hired in the last three years up to nine times by the Ministry of Culture for activities unrelated to his experience and training, such as motivational and leadership talks, for a total amount of S / 175,000 (about US $ 50,000) .

Even, and the most striking thing, is that two of these contracts were given in April 2020, already in the midst of the health crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

For this reason, the Congressional Oversight Commission called for “Swing”, Last June, who denied having any relationship of friendship with the president, and that their relationship would have occurred especially during the electoral season, when Vizcarra was running on the presidential plate of former president Pedro Pablo Kuczynski.

So much has been said about me. Here I am, showing my face. I am the doctor honoris causa Richard Cisneros Carballido and today you are going to hear from me”, Announced the singer before the president of the Audit Commission, Edgar Alarcón.

There he also denied having any kind of relationship with President Vizcarra, and that after the campaign, “Regrettably”She had no communication with him.

Vizcarra, for his part, admitted in a press conference prior to the interrogation that he met Cisneros during the electoral campaign, but categorically denied having had further contact with him.


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