Prosecutor’s Office already has a route of stolen trailers with ammunition

The Guanajuato prosecutor, Carlos Zamarripa, said that there is already information on the path followed by the men who stole 2 trailer boxes, with 7,114,1500 bullets, belonging to the company Industrias Tecnos.

Photo: National Guard

Photo: National Guard

The prosecutor indicated that all the corporations in Guanajuato are on alert, since the theft of the trailers loaded with ammunition occurred in the municipality of San Luis de la Paz, when they were circulating on federal highway 57 towards the United States.

He said that they collaborate with the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) collecting data to help locate the ammunition.

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The official pointed out that it is a risk that these munitions reach the wrong hands.

“I think that it affects all of us, absolutely all of us, that 7 million cartridges are in the wrong hands, because that represents a serious risk, not only for Guanajuato society, but for any citizen who finds those cartridges in the hands of the delinquency, “said the Guanajuato prosecutor.

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