Protests for vaccine in Iztapalapa hospital, by call in WhatsApp: Capital Health

The Secretary of Health in Mexico City (Sedesa) reported that the protests that arose in the facilities of the Military Hospital of El Vergel area, located in the Iztapalapa Mayor’s Office, were the result of a organized call by a union section and that circulated on WhatsApp, where all health personnel were asked, without distinction, to go to the place to get vaccinated against Coronavirus.

This call caused personnel from all areas of the Sedesa, including administrative and management, to gather at the facilities of the Secretary of National Defense (Sedena) from the early hours of the morning to request your inoculation, despite the fact that within the protocol of the Ministry of Health of the Government of Mexico they were not considered for not being in front line in the fight against the pandemic.

This call caused protests of the personnel that was enlisted to receive the vaccine, and those who were in training while waiting for their turn.

The head of the dependency Olivia Lopez Arellano, went to the place and pointed out that it is false that managers and administrators and reiterated that the biological would be applied to priority workers, as planned.

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Reiterates that the vaccination of first-line health personnel against the Covid-19 It will be carried out in accordance with the protocol established by the Government of Mexico and without any influentialism or privilege of some kind.

The agency specified that the biological will be applied to priority workers (caretakers, nurses, nurses, doctors) as provided by the federal authority.



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