Protests in Chile LIVE: minute by minute of the protests in Santiago today, November 19, 2020

Hundreds of protesters in Chile They called this Thursday to a general protest outside the Directorate of Carabineros after two minors were shot the day before during an operation. The demands also include the resignation of the president Sebastian Piñera, accused of negligence for allowing acts of police brutality during the mobilizations that began at the end of 2019.

This November 19, the controversial director of Police from Chile, Mario Rozas, submitted his resignation from office, however, the protesters consider that his action is too late. According to the Public Ministry, there are more than 4,600 cases against the security forces for human rights violations in the dispersal of marches and only 75 agents have been charged.

Live: Protests in Chile demand resignation of Piñera and dissolution of Carabineros

José Miguel Insulza does not bet on a re-founding of the Carabineros

After the resignation of the general director of the Carabineros de Chile, Mario Rozas, last Thursday, various political figures have spoken out. The former secretary of the OAS and senator José Miguel Insulza gave his opinion about the situation in the country to CNN Chile.

The politician mentioned a Paz Ciudadana survey that they carried out on the subject. “(…) those who are about to reform the Carabineros are the majority. I place myself among them. I am not a supporter of re-foundations ”, he confessed.

A Carabineros general resigns before assuming office

The general Ivan Ketterer Lavandero he was appointed as head of the IX Araucanía Zone in Chile.

However, on the afternoon of this Thursday 19, and one day after assuming his post in Temuco, the high-ranking officer resigned from the institution.

The Carabineros institution pointed out that his departure was due to “personal reasons,” La Tercera reported.

“We cannot stigmatize the entire institution for particular facts,” says deputy

Camila Flores, a Chilean deputy, said that the mistakes that the Carabineros have made should not be denied. However, he considers that the country has tried to establish that it is the entire institution that is permanently committing malicious and intentional errors.

“We cannot pretend that it is an entire institution stigmatized by these particular facts,” he pointed out to a program on channel T13.

Sename affirms that the actions of the Carabineros “are not justifiable”

The director of the National Service for Minors (Sename), Rosario Martínez, affirmed that the actions of the Carabineros inside a center of the institution, in which two adolescents were shot, “is not justifiable.”

“The procedure never has to be escalating the violence,” he said from the Las Huigueras hospital, where he visited the adolescents wounded by soldiers.

The hearing of the police officer involved will be this Friday

The Bío Bío Regional Prosecutor’s Office confirmed that the hearing to formalize the charges of one of the police officers involved in shooting two minors at the Carlos Macera Home was scheduled for this Friday.

Second Sergeant John Mograve Villegas is being held at the Investigation Police headquarters in Talcahuano.

Government claims there are some videos of the shooting

“I understand that there is new information that appears minute by minute and some recordings, but that will be a matter of investigation,” said Interior Minister Rodrigo Delgado.

He also stressed that “these situations should not happen. We should not say that children and young people, who are under the guardianship of the State, suffer these situations.”

National Institute of Human Rights ruled on the departure of Rozas

The director of the National Institute of Human Rights (INDH), Sergio Micco, referred to the departure of the general director of the Carabineros, Mario Rozas, after officers shot two adolescents.

“The resignation of General Rozas is part of a chronicle of an announced departure. There are three interior ministers who left in the last two years, dozens of generals who went to retirement. What is happening,” he said.

Minister of the Interior visits injured minors

The Minister of the Interior and Public Security, Rodrigo Delgado, went to Talcahuano, in order to visit the minors affected at the Las Higueras hospital after the Carabineros operation at the Carlos Macera residence, dependent on the Sename.

“I want to emphasize the human. I was talking with the adolescents and I found two children, two young people, who are people who have dreams to fulfill,” said the Chilean official.

They arrest one of the carabinieri who participated in the operation

The Homicide Brigade of the Concepción Investigative Police (PDI) confirmed the arrest of Second Sergeant John Mograve Villegas for his participation in the shooting of two minors in a residence dependent on the Sename in Talcahuano.

The arrest request was made by the prosecutor Julián Muñoz and the order was issued by the Talcahuano Guarantee Court, due to illegitimate constraints.

Call for a national protest in favor of Piñera’s resignation

Chileans ask to follow the example of Peru

“We have to advance to a general strike, as Peru did,” asked a protester concentrated outside the Government Palace of Chile.

Rozas asks Carabineros for union

The now former general director of the Carabineros, Mario Rozas, sent a farewell audio to the members of the institution and asked them to join.

“This message is to acknowledge and value all the day-to-day work (…) As a last order, as a last request, as a last sentiment towards you, I want to ask you to remain united, to continue working together and to support the new managing director. like they did with me, “he said.

They ask to put General Rozas on trial

Former ACES member, Ayelén Salgado, argued during the demonstrations called this Thursday that Rozas’ resignation is not enough; instead, it must be “put on trial.”

Protesters ask to dissolve Carabineros

A demonstration that was installed on the outskirts of La Moneda asked that the entire Carabineros institution be dissolved.

“The entire institution of Carabineros has to be dissolved, which we understand is a gradual process (…) Piñera and his criminal government have to resign. And we will continue to fight for him to do so,” Victor Chanfreau, former spokesman for the police, told CNN. ACES.

Sename Director announced complaints against Carabineros

The director of the National Service for Minors (Sename), Rosario Martínez, indicated that they will file complaints against the Carabineros for the attacks committed against the two minors in the Carlos Macera home.

“We are going to file complaints (…) We are going to do all the legal things that are needed to protect children,” he announced.

Minors shot remain in “good condition”

The director of Las Higueras Hospital, Patricia Sánchez, reported that the two minors who were injured by the police are stable.

“Yesterday afternoon two minors were admitted, one is a 14-year-old boy who is admitted with a projectile injury to his leg, all the rigorous tests are carried out, which shows that he has no vascular or bone injuries or nervous, he is in very good condition at the moment hospitalized in Children’s Surgery (…) he is stable ”, he explained.

UDI senator questions Rozas’s departure

Senator Iván Moreira criticized the departure of Mario Rozas from the General Directorate of the Carabineros. In an interview for Chilevisión, the parliamentarian claimed that “there is never a presumption of innocence” for the agents of the institution.

“These children from Sename may not have had weapons, but they had sharp elements and when a mob of 10 or 15 people comes to you, obviously you have to be in the pants and shoes of that policeman who feels attacked, who feels that your life is in danger. So there is also a legitimate defense ”, he argued.

PC deputy asks Piñera’s resignation “due to negligence”

Deputy Karol Cariola (PC) demanded the resignation of the president after considering that he has responsibility for the deaths that occurred at the hands of the Carabineros.

“Rozas’s departure is so late that it is totally insufficient. The responsibility of President Sebastián Piñera, splashing his entire government and the country with blood, is inescapable, “he said on his Twitter account.

Opposition calls for police reform

Various opposition authorities in Chile demanded a structural reform of the institution of Carabineros.

“We ask the Government and, in particular, President Sebastián Piñera to present a bill containing a structural reform to the Chilean Police, which establishes the mechanisms to ensure training based on respect for human rights,” requested the Liberal Party deputy (center-left), Alejandro Bernales.

Piñera says he feels admiration for the work carried out by Rozas

After confirming the resignation of General Rozas, President Sebastián Piñera said that the work of the former director of the Carabineros was remarkable.

“I have the greatest appreciation, admiration and gratitude for the work that General Rozas has accomplished,” he said.

They appoint a new general director of the Carabineros

President Sebastián Piñera appointed General Ricardo Yáñez as the new general director of the Carabineros de Chile. Until November 18, Yáñez served as deputy director of the institution.

Parliamentarian Jackson criticizes Rozas’ late departure

Congressman Giorgio Jackson assured that the resignation of the uniformed police chief is late. “The Government kept him in office under a defiant posture that left unfortunate and irremediable situations,” he declared.

Pro-government deputy highlights Rozas resignation

Deputy Miguel Mellado said that the resignation of the Carabineros director is a sign of “political responsibility. He stressed that a reform in the institution is necessary so that violent acts such as those registered yesterday against the children of the Sename do not occur again.


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