Providencia Hospital was left homeless and there is nowhere to care for the injured on the island

The specialist managed to communicate with the coordinator of the medical center in the morning. She explained that the situation is complex because they estimate that the injured may be “hundreds” and they ran out of elements to provide care.

“What we have been able to know is that people are on the streets, there is nowhere to take shelter and the hospital is practically destroyed. In addition, there is a shortage of water and food,” he said during an interview with Blu Radio.

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He said that they also require health elements to attend to bruises, fractures, etc., as well as health personnel to meet the great demand for medical care in the place, which now has 28 of these professionals.

There is also concern about possible covid-19 outbreaks, given that some cases had been identified.

“Some tests (that were taken) came out positive, but we don’t know what the status of these patients is, or the general population,” he said.

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President Iván Duque will arrive in the next few hours at the Archipelago of San Andrés, from where the actions of attention to the victims will be coordinated.

“We are mobilizing hygiene kits, food, tents, two field hospitals and staff, needs that have been told us very specific,” said the President.

In a preliminary way, they report damage to 98% of the infrastructure in Providencia, the most affected by the hurricane that reached category 5.


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