PS5 Accessories Buying Guide

Have you fallen for the Playstation 5 and would like to expand your installation around the console? These accessories are made for you. Here is our buying guide.

In the box of the Playstation 5, you will of course find the console, its mains connection cable, its horizontal or vertical support base, a DualSense controller as well as a USB A to USB C charging cable. and finally an HDMI cable. This is exactly what you need to be able to connect your console to your television and enjoy the new PS5 games. In addition, Sony offers you to elaborate your installation a little more using many optional accessories that we list you in this article.

Note that most of the accessories on this list are completely optional but will offer you greater comfort in the use of your Playstation 5. Only the additional controllers are really essential for players accustomed to multi-party games around one. sofa. Nothing like sharing a game of FIFA with others for example!

An additional DualSense controller for multiplayer play

Equipped with a really impressive vibration system, the DualSense controller aims to immerse us a little more in the games on PS5. You can also take advantage of adaptive triggers that offer greater or lesser resistance depending on the action you perform in the game. What to bring a little more immersion to your games.

The controller charging station

In order to charge several controllers at the same time, you can opt for this elegant charging station where two controllers can be placed at the same time. It will also allow you to avoid having an unsightly cable permanently plugged into the front of your Playstation 5.

The multimedia remote control to enjoy your movies and series

The PS5 obviously allows you to watch Blu-rays as well as connect your subscription streaming accounts (Netflix, Disney +, Amazon Prime Video and many others…) and enjoy their catalog from your sofa via the console. Although it is quite possible to navigate the menus with your controller, you can also do so with this multimedia remote control.

The audio headset for 3D sound

Sony has long insisted on the 3D sound technology embedded in the engine of its Playstation 5. Objective: to immerse yourself a little more in games by making the spatialization of sound more realistic. The manufacturer has even put on sale an audio headset specifically designed to take advantage of this new technology.

The HD camera to share your games online

The DualSense controller has a button called “Create” which is aimed at players who like to share their video games, whether on Youtube or on streaming services. For more personalization of these small videos, you can also add a camera which will allow you to show your pretty face to the camera, all in HD.

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