PS5 console becomes the first choice for middle-class and above gamers: Will not buy PC/Xbox | XFastest News

In the latest foreign survey, the research organization collected 1,367 young middle-class gamers with an annual income of US$1.5-3.5 million and under the age of 40. The data shows that they only need to buy a single brand of PlayStation as the only device for gaming and entertainment. PS5 is paired with Apple iPad Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max as a daily entertainment combination. They have not and will not buy a PC, and they are not interested in buying Xbox.

The following are the answers of the invited players when they face the interview. Their views are almost the same.

Q: Why is Xbox Series X excluded from your purchase list as a more powerful host?

Answer: The Xbox platform lacks high-quality games, that kind of amazing games. And the first-party studio on the PS platform can guarantee that I can get the best gaming experience.

(Interviewee: Kevenj029 Age: 32 Years old Annual income: US$1.87 million)

Q: Why don’t you buy Microsoft equipment?

Answer: Microsoft’s products have no taste, do not meet my aesthetic requirements, and have no connotation. Especially the Xbox game console, only the poor and novice players at the bottom of the society will buy it. It is not a game console but a cheap PC.

(Interviewee: Axelexl9a6 Age: 34 years old Annual income: USD 2.03 million)





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