PS5: The new model already analyzed, the info

News hardware PS5: The new model already analyzed, the info

A few days ago, several Australian, Japanese and American media reported that a new model of PS5 was sold in their respective countries. According to the information which was unveiled then, the main change was a loss of 300g on the total weight of the beast, accompanied by a modification of the screw of the base.

We now know much more about the CFI-1102A model of the PS5, in particular thanks to a disassembly video and explanations d’Austin Evans, a very followed freelancer whose work enjoys great recognition. According to his observations, the weight loss of the Sony console is due when changing the heat sink, the heat pipe, now much smaller than on the original model. As a result, the PS5 generates 1 decibel less, but the temperature of the escaping air rises by 3 to 5 degrees Celsius. Greater heat which, a priori, shouldn’t be a problem as long as the temperature of the environment does not exceed a certain threshold. The main fan has also been modified, with more curved fins and especially fewer.

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Sony has not yet given the reasons for this change, and the manufacturing method could be the main cause of the rise temperature, but it could be related to the fact that the console with player is advertised as being profitable. Austin Evans specifies that Sony has most certainly tested things and felt that this new version should not perform less well, but also that it will be necessary wait for analyzes after long-term use. Other changes, much more discreet, have been made, but here again, this requires further study. In any case, Evans explains at the end of the video that nothing suggests that this is a console that performs less well or that the cooling does its job less well with respect to the heat generated, greater by default.

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