PSG-Bruges: we loved, we did not like

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Wednesday night at the Parc des Princes, a Paris without flavor defeated against Bruges (1-0), valiant.

We loved

Navas and Icardi, the good picks. If it is at the end of the ball that we pay the orchestra, it will be necessary to wait until the end of the season to establish a complete balance sheet, but the two key recruits of the Paris mercato are doing well. Except against Real Madrid, Icardi slammed every game of the Champions League and Navas proved after his dull performance in Dijon that he remained a senior guard, author of a double decisive parry in the 50th, stopping a penalty twenty minutes later.

While Gueye was flamboyant before his injury with Senegal (contracture ischios), is emerging the idea of ​​a mercato useful, varied and powerful. To confirm on the duration therefore, when the altitude will rise. The match at Real on November 26 will look like a new test, while Neymar should be. If Leonardo can now find a side (right or left) for the second half of the season, the PSG will have returned to markets that matter. All the opposite of Antero Henrique, that few regret.

Dagba, the man who goes up. It's all the talent of the second knives that take advantage of opportunities to show themselves. A priori, second or third choice behind Kehrer and / or Meunier, the young International Espoir delivered one of his best performances with PSG in a major match. He may still be the holder in Madrid against Real even if the Belgian returns from injury. There is no reason to pull him out and we can not wait to see him in high-stakes games with world-class attackers.

An atmosphere at the top. There were tweaks between the Ultras and the management. They finally sang, rejecting the boycott (they got everything they wanted like the withdrawal of a vigilante company) and they delivered a great match from the point of view of the atmosphere. Nothing to do with a lambda championship match. They know how to rise to the height of the event and everywhere. This is Boulogne who first claimed the entry of Cavani (he had long warmed on this side of the field) while he is the darling of Auteuil. The Champions League transcends supporters, ready to stand up for a tackle from Bernat, a comeback from Verratti or decisive shutdowns from Navas. Fans and connoisseurs. All without smoke, after a sequence in Ligue 1 where they cracked more than reason.

We did not like

A disjointed game. There is the match in Bruges, sublimated by the entry of Mbappé. The rest had established a dominant Bruges in the game. There is the second half against Marseille, a non-match made possible by the dazzling first half and four fantastic goals. There is still the defeat in Dijon (2-1), an inexplicable exit of road except that the Champions League arrived and that prudence took over, the lack of envy also.

Finally comes this qualification against Bruges, Baroque, with a penalty stopped by Navas, air holes in the incredible game, a performance that does not convince. Nothing is serious since the PSG plays without its supposed best player (Neymar) and in November, nobody wins (nor loses) the Champions League.

But Tuchel has a job. His team does not give the feeling of progress, just being punctual to important appointments that the calendar offers. PSG, right now, is suffering too much. A working axis for Tuchel, besides the puzzle of the attack.

VIDEO. PSG – Bruges (1-0): "A small victory and a qualification"


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