PSG fight Real Madrid with Mbappé until the last moment

BarcelonaNegotiations to sign players are like card games, where you have to hide yours and, if you can, make fun of your rivals. Long games where, if necessary, you can lie. With just a few hours to go before the transfer window closes, Real Madrid and PSG continue their tug-of-war for Kylian Mbappé. And Real Madrid are wondering if they are really one step away from closing a signing that could change the fate of the white club in the short term, or if PSG lifts his shirt making him believe he has options when he has actually decided that Mbappé will continue. this season in Paris.

It would not be the first time that PSG is dedicated to playing with clubs that knock on their door asking for a footballer. Barça know this well enough, because when they had money to sign they found themselves with a slap in the face many times, whether for Thiago Silva, Marco Verratti or Neymar. The signing of Kylian Mbappé, however, is very different. Although in terms of the global market the big name of PSG is now a Lionel Messi who has just arrived in France, the jewel in the crown of the French is Mbappé. A boy of just 22 years old who is already world champion, and who is also French and born in Paris. That is, the man who should appear in all photographs of PSG title celebrations in the next 10 years. But Mbappé has never hidden that since he was a child he has loved Real Madrid, and every time PSG offers him to renew a contract that ends in June 2022 he says no. One thing, however, is that it will happen in a year, and another very different thing is what will happen this Tuesday of passion in which Madrid is still confident that it will be able to change the mind of a PSG that does not need the money, already who already has his pockets full. Now, if the number offered by Real Madrid rises, the French might think so.

Madrid had initially offered 160 million euros for Mbappé. He got nothing. A few days later it offered 170 million, plus 10 more in variables. Now, PSG have agreed to negotiate to close an operation in which the sporting director, Leonardo, already warned that they had the pan by the handle: “If Mbappé leaves it will be with our conditions.” And those conditions were a lot more money. Madrid, however, could play a card in their favor. If PSG do not sell Mbappé this summer, from January 2022 they will be free to negotiate with whomever they want. And the summer of 2022 would leave without leaving a single euro as a transfer to the French. It is one thing to be rich and another to give up 180 million.

Florentino Pérez, therefore, gave an ultimatum to PSG until Monday afternoon, waiting for an answer that did not arrive. Thus, Madrid had no choice but to increase the supply: according to some sources up to 180 fixed, according to some others up to 200 million, but with part of the operation in variables. But nothing at all. Perez, therefore, ordered to end the negotiations. “Apart from dominating football, there is a war of egos between a traditional club and a new one. Between a Madrid that wants a Superliga and a PSG that defends the Champions League by allying with UEFA. There is a lot of dirty war, ”says French journalist François David.

Madrid would bet on Camavinga

The team from the French capital, with money from Qatari sovereign wealth behind it, prioritizes being able to play Mbappé, Messi and Neymar together this season, with the aim of seeing if, for the first time, they win the Champions League, the title they have been chasing for so many years without luck. Mbappé would stay at PSG, and the club’s management would have a season to try to convince his young star to sign a renewal that, at the moment, he does not even want to see. Madrid, meanwhile, are confident of seeing Mbappé in white in 2022, although they were excited to sign him this summer. With just a few hours to go before the transfer window closes, it seems tricky for the latter to happen. Stranger things have happened, though. And since Mbappé has already turned down a new renewal offer this week, according to the French press, Florentino has yet to give up.

And if Mbappé does not arrive, Madrid would bet on beating PSG young Eduardo Camavinga, an 18-year-old Rennes midfielder who was on the agenda from both teams. Camavinga, one of the most promising footballers on the continent, was negotiating with PSG, but Madrid would have passed him by offering 30 million euros to the Breton club where he now plays. If they sign him, it would be a bet on the future. Or they could include him in an offer to PSG to sign Mbappé, offering Camavinga and a lot of money.


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