PSG: Ligue 1, Pochettino, Mbappé … the confessions of Marquinhos

Invited this Friday evening from RTL Foot, Marquinhos spoke at length to the microphone of Philippe Sanfourche, head of the football section of the radio station. The captain of PSG, 26, sweeps the news of his club, saying he is ready to extend beyond 2024. Here are some excerpts.

“Only finals” in the league. “The other teams do a better job, analyzes the defender. This season is incomparable with the others. We didn’t have time to prepare well. We only have finals to play until the end of the season. “

“Admiring Ligue 1”. “More and more, I admire Ligue 1. There are a lot of talents, either very high level players, or players who are revealed here, judges the successor of Thiago Silva at the captaincy. We see it with the championship this season. It is not the PSG which is very badly, it is the other teams which are of a good level. It’s getting better and better. There are foreigners who come too. The French teams carry out courses in Europe which bring an additional respect and admiration for France. I’m not just talking about Paris. I am also thinking of Lyon. “

Ben Yedder and Thauvin, the two strongest. Asked about the two attackers against whom he had the most difficulty defending in Ligue 1, the Brazilian gave two names but no Lyonnais. “Ben Yedder. He is intelligent, interesting, he moves well, technically very strong. I like Thauvin. He still has the personality to play against us, he always tried to do something different. “

Pochettino “focuses on the details”: “There are different things (Editor’s note: compared to Thomas Tuchel), Marquinhos slice. He has been an advocate. He focuses on the details: up the line, positioning. He always tries after the game to correct what can be corrected. It’s interesting for a defender. He likes intensity and focus. He is very open, he likes to chat with the players. “

Barcelona’s 4-1, a “benchmark match”. “In the last few years, it’s a benchmark match,” said the player. We spoke afterwards. We really enjoyed this match. We did the right thing. “He also discusses the ascension, showing confidence for the return on March 10 to the Parc des Princes:” There are scars that remain, it is a lesson that we keep from life. It’s up to us to learn from our mistakes, to be smart. It’s not that we didn’t want to fight, not to win. Sometimes it doesn’t work out, it’s not our day, it’s football. There are days with, days without. We just need to keep our serenity. We will prepare in this way, thinking about each training session, about concentration. We saw in the next match against Monaco that if we are not ready, present, we hurt ourselves. It’s a lesson. “

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Mbappé “exceptional”. The hat-trick at Camp Nou “boosted his confidence,” notes the defender. Scoring three goals at Camp Nou is very important for him and for us. Everyone understood its potential in this match. He is a leader in the field, with his personality. He was exceptional in this game. “Better without Neymar? “We can’t get into stories like that,” the captain annoys. I already see some talking. You have to stop with nonsense like that. We always want to have the best with us. Kylian prefers to have Ney next to him. “

He “wants” to continue in Paris. ” Yes it’s possible. I want to ”, he answers the question of its extension (it is bound until 2024). “We know football: it depends on a lot of things,” he adds. One day you can be important to the team; another can change. I will be 30 years old at the end of my contract. If I’m still an important player, everything will depend on the desire of the club, my desire, the ambition here, if I’m good, not good. There are a lot of factors. “

“I progressed alongside Thiago Silva”. “I love playing with great players. Thiago Silva, it was exceptional to play alongside him, he rejoices. I learned a lot of things just by watching him play in training. It was important for my experience. We spent good years together. I made good progress alongside him. Presko (Kimpembe) the same. He also took advantage of it when Thiago was there. We three exchanged a lot to improve, to push each other. The competition has been positive. (Kimpembe) really has great potential. We are very complementary. “

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With the Covid, “we have to be more careful with ourselves”. “The hardest part is doing these tests every day, it hurts your nose (laughs) “, laughs the captain. But he also cautions: “Life has changed so much. We miss the full stadiums, along with the supporters. We miss the heat, cuddle people. We have to live with that. We have to be more careful with ourselves, with the basic gestures. I hope that the life before will resume, it was more pleasant. Football is not the same without supporters. I had good feelings with them. “

He mentioned again the fall in wages. It is a taboo subject in football and even more so at PSG. Affected by the economic consequences of the pandemic, the club in the capital has asked the workforce for a reduction in salaries. In vain, according to our information. “Nobody said it, but it was done, it was put in place. I do not want to go into details, ”said Marquinhos, who actually mentions the three months of partial unemployment linked to the first confinement, the players having subsequently refused to make an additional gesture.

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