PSG: “Neymar is easy to coach,” says Unai Emery

Everything comes to those who wait. Unai Emery has decided to break the silence and come back to France Football on his experience lived for two years on the bench of the capital’s club. A little over a year and a half after his departure from Paris, the former Arsenal coach, without a club since his ouster in mid-November, talks about the main highlights of his governance.

Forever identified as the coach of the escalation, Emery gave his explanation on the terrible elimination against the Catalans: “The first year (Editor’s note: in 2017), in the round of 16 against Barcelona, ​​we have a very high level first leg match (Editor’s note: 4-0, February 14), he assured. And on the way back, we get eliminated, because the VAR did not yet exist (Editor’s note: 1-6, March 8). We were clearly eliminated by arbitration decisions. “

“I wanted Thiago Silva to get out of his comfort zone”

The Basque also mentioned his relationship to some of his former players. If he claims to love Thiago Motta very much, he reproached the Italian-Brazilian on the other hand for slowing down the game too much. Very gently, he also spares Thiago Silva, whom he had notably left on the bench during round of 16 go to Madrid in 2018.

“Thiago Silva is a great player, but I wanted him to be higher and I couldn’t get him to accept that. I wanted him to get out of his comfort zone, to dare to defend higher so that the general pressure of the team on the opponent would be more effective. I worked with him to make him accept this, but I did not succeed. “

Emery is, on the other hand, much more lenient towards Neymar. “With such a phenomenal player, you cannot tell him that there is already a team and that he will have to adapt. You have to make the team for him. Contrary to popular belief, Neymar is easy to coach. He loves soccer and has a good heart. He still has the opportunity to become number one. After, it will be Mbappé. “

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