PSG-OM: Neymar and Alvaro continue the Classic on social networks

LE SCAN SPORT – Parisian Neymar and Marseillais Alvaro Gonzalez will not go on vacation together…

Neymar and Alvaro Gonzalez, act II. The Brazilian and the Spaniard met on Wednesday in Lens, during the Champions Trophy between Paris Saint-Germain and Olympique de Marseille. A Classic, the 99th of the name. And this, four months after a PSG-OM (0-1) of which they had been among the main protagonists. The first named had, as we remember, accused the second of having used racist terms against him. Accusions that the defender of OM has always denied. Moreover, the Disciplinary Commission of the LFP had cleared him, having found no tangible evidence to corroborate the statements of the PSG striker. Alvaro Gonzalez had also lodged a complaint against X following threats.

Glued to the infirmary since mid-December with a sprained ankle, “Ney” has in any case returned to training at the start of the week and was part of the group selected Wednesday, in Lens. We thought he would start the game at one point, but Mauricio Pochettino finally brought him into play in the 65th minute. And as one would expect, it did not take long to rub shoulders with Alvaro Gonzalez… Rather to his advantage so far, the Olympian defender was forced to fault several times to stop the ex-Barcelona , one of which resulted in a yellow card. And it is Neymar who had the last word with this penalty transformed at the end of the match and the trophy on arrival (2-1).

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Except that the Seleçao striker has neither modest success nor short memory. Olympian calm during the game, he was quick to pick up his smartphone after the game and send a little message – in Portuguese – to his new best enemy, on Twitter : “The king, is not it Alvaro?”. Which Alvaro was quick to retort, posting an amazing photo in which one has the feeling that he takes Neymar’s head with both hands: “My parents have always taught me to take out the trash. Go OM always. ” It does not fly high …

Neymar replied “And he forgot how to win titles”, with a lot of smileys. “The eternal shadow of the king”, concludes Alvaro, relaying a photo of “King Pelé” posing with three World Cups. There is no doubt that this small pass of arms will start again on the meadow in a few weeks, when Olympique de Marseille will host Paris Saint-Germain at the Vélodrome, on February 7, during the 24th day of Ligue 1. Especially when ‘at that time, barring any new physical glitch or other bad surprise, Neymar Jr should be fit to start. It promises !

Neymar also pays Payet and OM

Neymar Jr was inspired on Wednesday night. In the field, but also and especially on social networks. Besides Alvaro Gonzalez on Twitter (see elsewhere), the Brazilian remembered in good memory Dimitri Payet on Instagram. We remember that the international tricolor had fun with the defeat of PSG in the final of the Champions League. He had posted a video in which we saw a star above the logo of a club jersey in the capital, before revealing that it was in fact the star that can be seen above that of OM … “Ney” was inspired by a story, by waving “no” over a Marseille jersey before unveiling a PSG tunic and the winner’s medal of the Champions Trophy. A schoolyard squabble that demonstrates at least one thing: Neymar feels more Parisian than ever.


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