PSOE and Podemos reach an agreement to approve the Budgets

The scuffles within the government coalition lasted until late at night. But in the end there was agreement. PSOE and United We Can they closed the Budget project on Monday so that it can be approved this Tuesday in the Council of Ministers if there is no last minute surprise. So what Throughout the day it did not seem that the pact was close, despite the fact that the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, confirmed to the regional presidents that the Budgets will see the light this Tuesday in Moncloa.

Unidos Podemos insisted on its demand that, in order to give its approval to the Public Accounts, measures to guarantee the good functioning of the minimum vital income and to promote the regulation of rents, which will have to be closed in the next four months.

While since the formation of Churches it was doubted that the public accounts could be approved in the Council of Ministers, sources of Finance they took it for granted that this objective would be met in order to follow the roadmap of the head of that department, María Jesús Montero, who promised that the parliamentary processing of the Budgets would begin in October, so that they are approved in January 2021. Although this will not prevent Cristóbal Montoro’s accounts are extended again, although only for a few days.

Doubts about whether the Budgets could be approved this Tuesday and there was no need for an extraordinary Council of Ministers were also sown by Aitor Esteban, PNV spokesman in Congress, who echoed the coalition’s discrepancies. The demands of Unidos Podemos will foreseeably follow another course: rent control could be included in the housing law finalized by the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda; and from Inclusión they separated the amendments of the vital minimum income from the budget negotiation.


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