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psychologists can no longer meet the demand

With the health crisis, the number of psychological consultations of Belgians has exploded, to the point that psychologists can no longer meet the demand, reports the Professional Union of French-speaking clinical psychologists (UPPCF), in The Last Hour on Friday.

We have been in a health crisis for almost two years and the mental health of Belgians was already not in good shape.“, explains Quentin Vassart, president of the Professional Union of Francophone Clinical Psychologists (UPPCF).”No one has been spared, but it is especially the young people who are the most concerned, as well as certain categories of people more at risk who already had vulnerabilities beforehand (…) tough test“.

Burnout and the spread of telework

The majority of people consult after anxiety-depressive disorders. “The main issues are professional burnout, the spread of teleworking which leads to intra-family tensions, issues related to illness, death, problematic alcohol consumption, bad habits that emerged during confinement, etc. .“, explains Quentin Vassar.

Since the start of the crisis, the Union has always called for the establishment of a mental health barometer based on various indicators, “but we were not listened to“, deplores Mr. Vassar.

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