Public finances – The initiative on the social bill wants to save the Commons

A committee of 28 personalities, especially from the district of Nyon and from the right, defends the total recovery of the social bill by the Canton.

Josephine Byrne Garelli launches the “SOS Communes” initiative with her colleague PLR ​​MP Pierre-André Romanens.

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The collection of 12,000 signatures for the initiative on the distribution of the social bill should begin at the end of October, or even the beginning of November. The two PLR deputies at the origin of the approach, Josephine Byrne Garelli and Pierre-André Romanens, are now ready to submit their text to the Council of State for validation.

The initiative, which bears the name “SOS Communes”, calls for an amendment to the law on the organization and financing of social policy (LOF). It proposes that the Canton assume the entire social bill by taking over the share of the Communes, or nearly 825 million francs according to the 2019 installments (out of a total of about 1.8 billion). To compensate, it plans to switch 15 tax points from the Municipalities to the Canton, representing a sum of 525 million francs.

“We simply ask that the principle of who orders pays be respected”

Josephine Byrne Garelli, instigator of the initiative and PLR MP

According to the initiators, this mechanism would therefore make it possible to remove a little pressure on the finances of the Communes while providing a “simple and lasting solution”. A clarification which recalls their opposition to the agreement reached between the Canton and the Union of Vaud municipalities, which provides for a rebalancing of 150 million by 2028. “We simply ask that the principle of who orders pays be respected, insists Josephine Byrne Garelli. The Canton has full responsibility for social policy, so it is up to it alone to pay. ”

Rather to the right

To defend the project, a committee of 28 personalities was formed. It is made up of trustees, municipal officials, municipal councilors and deputies. More than half of them come from the district of Nyon, where the revolt against the distribution of the social bill is the strongest. The right is largely in the majority with the presence of PLR and UDC. The UDC national councilor Jacques Nicolet, also municipal of Lignerolle, is also part of it. A profile stands out in the list. That of Didier Lohri, Green deputy and syndic of Bassins, a municipality with low contributory capacity. “I am committed to this initiative launched by deputies that the Council of State does not listen to and bypass, analyzes this recognized specialist in public finances who intervened in vain several times at the Grand Council. The total recovery of the social bill by the Canton is also the most egalitarian system for all the Municipalities. ”

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