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pulla on day of protests in Colombia

by archyde

Thousands of people came out in the main cities of Colombia to protest against Gustavo Petro for the measures that he has proposed in the course of his arrival at the presidency.

To the mobilizations planned in different points agreed upon in Bogotá, Medellín and Caliamong other places, the detractors of the Government arrived to expose their disagreements.

In this context, one of the public figures who joined the criticism against the president of Colombia from a distance was Marbellewhich compared the president to a pandemic.

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Marbelle Nicknamed Gustavo Petro: pulla on a day of protests in Colombia

The popular music singer used your personal Twitter accountfrequent space of his criticism against Gustavo Petro, to carry out the curious similarity in a message.

Marbelle affirmed that the “second pandemic that is killing us” is not that of COVID-19, which led to the affirmation in which he released the new nickname against the president: “It is the Petrid”.

The Valle del Cauca woman had done a few days ago questioning against the leader of the Historical Pact because he did not go to a dinner with the president of the United States, Joe Biden, after the UN summit.

This was the comment with which the former Masterchef participant expressed her annoyance with the president, for whom she found a new nickname as a form of pulla on social networks.

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