Pulling doctors to build confidence in smartwatches to detect health disorders

Garmin Thailand continues to push forward the adoption of health technology. On the smartwatch to detect health disorders, pull 2 ​​experts from the medical field reiterate Having health monitoring data on hand will help support timely treatment.

Sky Chain, Garmin Thailand director, said: “Garmin is extremely aware of the number of infections.Covid-19 that continued to increase during the past month Therefore, I want to emphasize that Thai people during this fragile time that GarminWe are always there to support everyone’s good health. This time, I would like to invite all Thai people to pay more attention to health in depth in order to strengthen the immune system of the body together to fight the global crisis together.smart watchofGarminThere will be a variety of sports features. Supports exercise that covers every lifestyle. It also allows users to access comprehensive and accurate health information with 5 important health indicatorsavailable ingarmin smart watchNew releases include 1) Pulse Ox Blood Sensors – Blood Oxygen (SpO2) Monitor 2) Heart Rate Tracking – Heart Rate 3) REM Sleep Monitoring – Sleep Quality Tracking 4) Respiration Tracking – Respiration Rate 5) Stress Monitoring – track stress levels which information obtained from 5 health indicators It will help people understand their health trends accurately and know.Initial symptoms of abnormalities in the bodyimmediately.”

Dr. Andrew An AssistantProfessor of Medicine and Radiology Harvard Medical School revealed that “patientsCovid-19 Most of them show no obvious symptoms at first, althoughblood oxygen levellow equipmentGarminthat can monitor and report the oxygen levels in the blood 24 hours a day is very helpful in times of crisis like thisblood oxygen levelAnd Garmin can alsocheck heart rateall day, even while sleeping, to determine sleep quality and heart rate variability; andhealth indicatorsThese things also work well. Being aware of these anomalies can also reduce the likelihood of spreading or spreading widely during the virus outbreak.”

Pulling doctors to build confidence in smartwatches to detect health disorders

On the side of Dr. Sira Kopaisan Physician, endocrinologist and metabolic specialist Ramathibodi Hospital “Having long-term health information is invaluable for making a diagnosis. Because when the doctor knows the patient’s normal health pattern It will be able to know immediately when the patient’s health began to deteriorate and how much has gone wrong. While the body does not show symptoms, but we can know first. That means we can shorten the healing time. and when the information reaches the doctor Doctors are also confident and can diagnose accurately for accurate and timely treatment. Because treating patients is the hardest thing. is the diagnosis If we know quickly The chances of a patient’s death will be less.”

Pulling doctors to build confidence in smartwatches to detect health disorders

“In addition, the use of health information can also help in planning health care to build good immunity over the long term. No one is 100% healthy even with equipment.smart watchIt helps, but when there are health indicators on our wrists. We will be able to know if our physical condition is developing in a good direction andGarmin smart watchIt tracks the following values. blood oxygen respiratory rate heart rate sleep quality monitoring stress level which is considered quite complete forprimary health indicators because when we use our daily life or exercising for a long period of time; andHealth indicators showing heart rateWhile resting is slower, sleep quality improves and stress levels decrease. We can assume that the lifestyle or exercise plan is at an appropriate level. Consider whether that kind of practice or daily life is too harmful to your health. If we know any of our systems are malfunctioning. By using a smart watch that supports a variety of sports or exercises, we can plan to restore that system through appropriate exercise methods,” added Dr. Sira.

5 health indicators from Garmin’s smartwatch that are related to physical health including

Blood Oxygen (Pulse Ox Blood Sensors) Blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) meter is related to cardiovascular and respiratory performance, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) Pulse Oximetry Training Manual. A good blood oxygen level should be between 95% – 100%.[2] Therefore, it is an important indicator that allows us to initially assume that the cardiovascular system and respiratory system are malfunctioning.

Heart Rate Tracking – Heart rate can be an indicator when the body has a high fever. when the body temperature rises abnormally heart rate will increase In addition, the heart rate can also help indicate the intensity of exercise. So that we can choose exercises that are suitable for each age group.

Sleep (REM Sleep Monitoring) – Quality sleep is another important thing to help build a strong immune system. In addition to the feeling after waking up Having a device that monitors sleep quality that monitors blood oxygen levels. respiratory rate and tossing and turning during sleep continuously throughout the night This will allow us to obtain information to help verify it correctly. Your heart rate stays low and steady during deep sleep. In adults, deep sleep is approximately 15% – 25% of sleep, if lower than this it is likely that sleep efficiency is reduced.

Respiratory Tracking – A normal respiratory rate is 12 to 20 breaths per minute. A low respiratory rate generally indicates a healthy body condition. Proper breathing rates can help reduce stress, increase concentration, and improve sleep. It will help us improve breathing even more.

Stress Level (Stress Monitoring) – Stress level detection with a reliable device uses data from heart rate variability to assess stress levels. If the data indicates that we have a stress rate of 51 – 100, the body is facing a high level of stress. This will affect the physical and mental condition. sleep state including everyday life May cause long-term health problems

“information 5 health indicatorsobtained from the features ofsmart watchorsmart wearablesIt’s not something that helps diagnose diseases or symptoms of the body. But it is something that helps us know and understand.health trendscorrectly and can provide such information to medical professionals toComprehensive diagnosis and health checkin order for the results of the examination to come out as accurately as possible by both 5 health indicatorsIt reflects that our bodies work in harmony and affect each other. So we should explore both 5 health indicatorsall around and consistently This leads to an accurate understanding of long-term health trends,” added Dr. Sira.

In addition to the features that help information 5 health indicatorsaccurately, precisely and reliably garmin smart watchThere are also features that help enhance the user’s exercise to be more effective. To respond to another trend in health care for people in this era is exercise in various forms. by itself to help build immunity to the body and mind It can be seen that accurate health tracking and effective exercise go hand in hand, which can help promote long-term health.

bysmart watch from garmincoveredexercise and health careEvery lifestyle at an accessible price: 1) Garmin Vivomove Vivoactive Venu Series and Lily – lifestyle smart watchsuitable for exercise beginners and everyday wear 2) Garmin Forerunner Series – smart watchFor the running line to get fit in everyday life. Or athletes running who need to train hard 3) Garmin Fenix ​​Series – a multi-sport smart watch for people who love a variety of exercises such as fitness, running, swimming, climbing, cycling, etc., which smart smart watchGarminwith both features to help information 5 health indicatorsAccurately and features that will help optimize performance in all forms of exercise to the fullest Therefore ensuring that Garmin’s cutting-edge innovations will help build a healthy shield for Thai people to have a healthy body in the long run.

“We strongly believe that exploring our own health trends through data from 5 health indicatorsregularly coupled with the correct exercise on a regular basis continuously in the long term Not just during the epidemic crisis only. It will help to promote a healthy body and mind to stay away from sickness. and prepare a health care plan to be ready for unforeseen events in the future,” concluded Mr. Sky Chain.


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