Putin admits he does not rule out running for reelection

Since President Vladimir Putin proposed, on January 15, the Constitutional reform that next July 1 will be submitted to a popular vote, he had tiptoed over any comment regarding the most important and controversial change made in the Basic Law, the one referred to which sets the mandate counter to zero and allows the current head of state running for re-election in the 2024 and 2030 elections.

Well, in the interview that the Russian prime minister has granted to the ‘Moscow. Kremlin Putin ‘on public channel Rossia-1, broadcast this Sunday, has admitted that could take advantage of the possibility offered by the new Magna Carta and run for president in 2024, if the population approves the constitutional reforms at the polls on July 1.

Putin assures that “I do not rule out presenting myself” to the elections. Otherwise, he warns, «in two years the ramblings in search of a successor“Something that, in his opinion, would be counterproductive. “We have to work, not look for successors,” he underlined in words that leave little doubt about his intention to remain in power beyond 2024, when his current mandate ends.

The same logic could be applied to run again and continue in the Kremlin after 2030 with the argument of preventing the search for a successor from returning to distract the political class of the country of state tasks.


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