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The Armed Forces (AF) of Russia currently have unique capabilities for solving problems of particular importance and complexity. This was stated by the President of the country Vladimir Putin during the congratulations on the Day of Special Operations Forces, which is celebrated on February 27, reports RIA Novosti.

“Russia … has hardened, tested fighters who are ready to act in a non-standard situation anywhere in the world, if the interests of the motherland and its security require it,” the head of state stressed.

Putin noted that the creation of special operations forces was a response to the challenges of the time, in particular to serious changes in the nature of military threats and methods of warfare. At the same time, Russian fighters have more than once managed to prove that they are capable of striking terrorists, based primarily not on numerical superiority, but on their skills, skill and training.

The formation of special operations forces as an independent grouping of armed forces in Russia began in 2008 as part of a large-scale military reform. Their creation was first announced publicly in November 2010. The celebration of the Day of Special Operations Forces was introduced by Putin’s decree in 2015 in recognition of the merits of these units in resolving the crisis situation in Crimea in the spring of 2014.

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