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Qualcomm’s next-generation flagship processor platform S8 Gen 2 It has been officially announced in mid-November, and application products will be launched one after another. What is the performance of the new processor?Motorola, which is expected to launch the S8 Gen 2 mobile phone for the first time, posted an AnTuTu running score on Weibo, breaking through 1.3 million.Dimensity 9200

When MediaTek Dimensity 9200 was released, it posted a performance of 126 points on AnTuTu at the press conference, which set a new record for the flagship processor of the Android camp. Then the new generation flagship model of Qualcomm processor is coming soon, and the new flagship has been announced The Motorola X40 will be equipped with the S8 Gen 2. Today, it also released the AnTuTu running score first, and the score of 1.31 million once again pushed the ceiling higher.

Qualcomm S8 Gen 2 running score exposed, AnTuTu breaks through 1.3 million points- 2

▲ Chen Jin, general manager of Lenovo’s mobile phone business in China, posted the moto X40 AnTuTu running score, and the S8 Gen 2 AnTuTu ran a score of more than 1.31 million.

However, the screenshot of Moto’s score only shows the total score, and the detailed score of S8 Gen 2 is still to be announced. At the same time, a vivo mobile phone model V2227A, no surprise, is the X90 Pro+ equipped with S8 Gen 2. The running score appeared in the Geekbench database. The scores of single-core 1,480 and multi-core 5,106 are not only a significant improvement over S8+ Gen 1, but also catch up to the level of A15 in multi-core, but the single-core still lags behind A14.

Qualcomm S8 Gen 2 running score exposed, AnTuTu breaks through 1.3 million points- 3

▲ The Geekbench multi-core score of Qualcomm S8 Gen 2 can compete with Apple A15, but the single-core performance is still behind A14.

Citing source:Chen Jin WeiboGeekbench

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