Rackete Respected Relief Duty – Last Hour

(ANSA) – ROME, FEBRUARY 20 – Correctly according to
provisions on “rescue at sea”, the commander of the Sea
Wacht Carola Rackete entered the port of Lampedusa because
“the obligation to provide relief does not end in the act of
remove the castaways from the danger of getting lost in the sea, but
entails the accessory and consequent obligation to land them in a
safe place ”
Deposit today to confirm the ‘no’ to the arrest of Rackete with
the accusation of having forced the naval blockade of the patrol boat
of the Gdf to prevent her access to the port.

According to the stoats, the
warship nature of the patrol boat because in command not
there was a Navy officer, as prescribed by the
rules, but a Marshal of the Yellow Flames. So Rackete has
acted “justified” by the risk of danger to the
lives of migrants on board his ship.


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