Radio Fip celebrates its 50th anniversary

“You are well on 514 meters medium wave, do not be surprised if you do not receive your usual program. Today is the general of France Inter Paris 514 meters. “ On January 5, 1971, host Kriss launched the first show radio station Fip, France Inter Paris. Fifty years later, Fip still cares about being close to his listeners. On January 5, 2021, these will be in the spotlight in a series of pastilles which will return to their link with radio.

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That same day, Club Jazzafip, which will be celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2021, will offer a 90-minute special with Henri and Sébastien Texier. From January 9, every Saturday, the program The Fip years will return for an hour to the music that marked the 50 years of radio.

The recognizable tone of the “fipettes”

Launched on the initiative of Roland Dhordain, director of radio and television, and producers Jean Garretto and Pierre Codou, Fip has the particularity of being the first exclusively musical radio station, interspersed with traffic and cultural information, hosted only by women. The “fipettes” stand out for their humorous and sweet tone. Among them, outstanding voices like that of Kriss, host of Sensitive portraits and Simone Hérault, now voice of the SNCF.

With 13 million active users in November 2020, Fip has gained 17% listeners in one year. It is now the third most listened to digital radio in France. Didier Varrod, Music Director of Radio France also recalls that 30% of Fip’s audience is foreign. For the record, man illegally broadcast radio in Brighton for ten years and the station became popular in England. Sign of his success in the Anglo-Saxon world, Jack Dorsey, co-founder of the Twitter network, followed by five million subscribers, announced the September 12, 2017 to be a faithful listener of Fip, which he called the best radio in the world.

Fip, an innovative radio

Unprecedented in its format, the radio is also original in its content since it is dedicated to well-being and relaxation. Its programming is eclectic, mixing classical music, jazz, blues. Its thematic web radios explore, among others, pop, electro, groove, rock… Fip ​​continues to innovate, notably with its podcast Fip 360, which offers concerts in binaural sound, which restores a natural listening impression in 3D. An agreement was signed on December 17, 2020 with the SPPF (Civil Society of Phonogram Producers in France) which manages the rights of music producers. It stipulates that Fip will be able to produce native musical podcasts, with music extracts, which was impossible until then.

The only downside on the eve of this anniversary: ​​the closure of Fip’s local branches in Nantes, Bordeaux and Strasbourg on December 18, 2020. This decision, taken in November 2019, aroused public anger and the incomprehension of some elected officials such as Alsatian senators Elsa Schalk (LR) and Claude Kern (UDI). They sent a letter to the Minister of Culture, Roselyne Bachelot, on December 14, 2020, asking her to “reconsider” the closure of the last branches of Fip. Associations called for rallies in front of the local branches concerned on December 18.


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