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MOCKS. Magaly medina could not help but laugh several times after seeing how Karla Tarazona he celebrated the birthday to her husband Rafael Fernández, who a few months ago entertained her with a tremendous luxury truck.

“When she has a birthday, when she has to give him something, he gives her incredible gifts. Last time it was a $ 70,000 truck. This time, she filled Rafael’s house with toy cars, balloons, cakes and various decorations, all for exchangesaid the popular Magpie.

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According to the report by Magaly Tv La Firme, Rafael Fernandez He turned 41 and his wife decided to pamper him with a car-themed party. “You deserve all the details in the world, not only for your birthday, but every day of life for being my wonderful partner I always dreamed of”, The announcer wrote on her social networks along with the images of the meeting.

The ‘King of Eggs‘He was more than pleased with Karla’s detail and also replied with another message. “Thank you for giving me so much happiness on this day, you really are an exceptional woman, I love you”, indicated the businessman.

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In the videos he showed Magaly medina you see that Karla Tarazona He gives him a box of roses, chocolates, a whiskey and he even hired a waiter. However, he also shared, through his social networks, a thank you to the company that was in charge of the decoration.

“I want to thank my friends from … because today they have brought me a beautiful decoration for my husband’s birthday”, said the former television host in her Instagram stories.

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Likewise, the Urraca program showed a document with the company’s price, which amounted to 570 soles.

“You have to be more generous because Karla, nobody tells you to pay for a car of 70 thousand dollars but …”, he said between laughs Magaly Medina.

TROME – Karla Tarazona celebrated her husband’s birthday with ‘exchange’ and Magaly makes fun


Last january Rafael Fernandez surprised Karla Tarazona with a tremendous Audi pickup valued at $ 90,000 for their first month of marriage. “A new member of the family. Thanks my love. Now we all go in ”, The radio host wrote on Instagram along with the photographs where she appears posing in her new vehicle with her husband.

“Year full of surprises. Dreams fulfilled, goals achieved. I am sure that we will go far, from the hand of God, everything is possible ”, added the former television host showing off her gift.

Karla Tarazona: Rafael Fernández gave her a tremendous truck for her first month of marriage


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