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”Is one of the most popular family shows of the . The program that premiered in 2017 is characterized by bringing together a large number of young talents, among which some charismatic twins named Raysa and Sirena Ortiz stand out.

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In the show that began in the 70s and later moved on to today, the 26-year-old actresses play the Bravo sisters. One of them is Sara, characterized by Sirena, and the other is Estela, played by Raysa. As in fiction, the actresses are smiling and charming; but there is an even more striking detail, they have as a partner their companions in the novel.

The artists in question are Nicholas Wenzel and Santiago Suárez, who work in “Back to the neighborhood” like Sebastián and Beto Ganoza, respectively. Next, learn how the love story between Peruvian stars began.

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Ortiz and Suárez met on the set of “Back to the neighborhood”, where they both play a passionate couple. The scenes full of emotion managed to awaken sparks in the artists, who since 2019 have maintained a solid relationship.

The characters of Raysa and Santiago were a couple in fiction (Photo: Santiago Suárez / Instagram)


Santiago Suárez is a 30-year-old actor who made his screen debut with the program “Confessions” (2013). He has almost a decade of artistic experience and one of his most recognized works is the film “Asu Mare”, where he personified Cachín, the protagonist.

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The artist plays Beto Ganoza in the series
The artist plays Beto Ganoza in the series “Back to the neighborhood” (Photo: Santiago Suárez / Instagram)


The love story between Sirena Ortiz and Nicholas Wenzel was also born on the set of the show. The long hours of shared work made the actors realize that something more than a simple friendship flowed between them, and they confirmed this on their Instagram account last September.


Wenzel is a model and actor Peruvian who describes himself as a lover of animals and travel. During an interview for KIPLING, the artist confessed that what he likes most about his profession is generating emotions in people with his own body.

Sebastián’s interpreter is active in his social networks, especially in Instagram, where he shares photos and videos of his professional projects and each of his trips. A few years ago he had a relationship with the actress who was also Flavia Laos, but soon after its break was known due to alleged deception of one of the parties.

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Flavia Laos and Nicholas Wenzel on the show
Flavia Laos and Nicholas Wenzel in the program “Reto de Campeones” (Photo: Latina)


“Some things have to end to start something new”, said Gigio Aranda, architect of the successful Peruvian production in an interview for . “The series ends this December, the decision has already been notified, all calm; very sorry to finish a program that has been part of your life for so long, “he added.

Despite having overcome various challenges such as the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, which forced a halt to production and delayed the premiere of its fourth season, “Back to the neighborhood” comes to an end in December 2021.

“A daily fiction series during the pandemic has brought out the best in the entire team that is in front and behind the scenes, with that I stay, with the hard work and the desire to make a fun program”, highlighted Aranda in said interview.


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