RBD actress showed her drastic physical change

Estefanía Villareal, the RBD actress who played Celina Ferrer, ‘Ceci’, was a character who became much loved by fans due to her sympathy and charisma. The fact that she was the fattest of the group didn’t matter to her as much as being the best friend of Mia Colucci with whom she was at Elite Way School.

The actress’s physical transformation began in 2013, when she improved her eating habits and underwent strong workouts. And in 2018 she decided to change her career to dedicate herself to modeling for major international brands, in addition to becoming an example of female empowerment, showing that all women are beautiful regardless of their size.

Today Estefanía is 33 years old and during all this time she has lost 79 kilos of weight and the radical change in her physique is very noticeable, this was shown by TVyNovelas magazine this week in some photographs that show her impressive weight reduction and which she shared the actress on her Instagram.


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