Real estate credit: “We had to add 6000 euros of contribution”

The goal of a lifetime of Dominique and Matthieu, aged 32, almost collapsed on the new criteria of banks. “It has been two and a half months of stress and doubts. We weren’t expecting it, Dominique breathes. Everyone told us that our record was good! “Both in CDI, with a net income of 4000 euros per month, the parents of a two-year-old child started“ confident ”, in October, in their purchase plan.

After years of renting an apartment in Lyon (Rhône), the couple decided to go into exile in the countryside, to acquire a house. Question of tranquility and space in the idea of ​​welcoming a second child. In December, Dominique, editor in a referencing agency, and Matthieu, cook, fell in love with a pavilion in the Lyon suburbs. But it’s the cold shower.

“If it had been a small restaurant, or a cork, it was folded …”

The real estate agent ticks because Matthieu works in the restaurant business, a sector hard hit by the health crisis. “He told us that it was going to be very complicated, given my activity and the lack of perspective. However, I did not experience partial unemployment until the first confinement and in November. It was a real surprise, ”says Matthieu. The agent demands to be “reassured” by the couple’s broker. Their a priori solid record to buy the house at 300,000 euros, with an effort rate of 29%, suddenly becomes wobbly.

Dominique, panicked, picks up her phone to ask the broker for advice. He too is stunned. “He told me that he had never been confronted with such a situation, that our file went through without any problem a few months ago … So he started to test the waters with the banks”, says the young woman. . Bankers are worried about the type of establishment in which Matthieu works. Luckily, this is a starred restaurant, renowned in Lyon. “If it had been a small restaurant, or a cork, it was folded”, thinks the young man.

The couple are almost saved. First-time buyers, who wish to borrow over 25 years, are strongly advised to increase their contribution. “We had planned to put 14,000 euros, to keep a mattress aside, Dominique suggests. We have put in 20,000 euros to cover all the costs of notaries and insurance. “

An additional effort, which “does not put the couple’s finances in difficulty” but complicates certain projects, such as buying a car. Finally, after two and a half months of struggle, Dominique and Matthieu obtained a loan, over 25 years, as they wished. “It was a real relief, breathes Matthew. I never thought that my job would be a problem… ”

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