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Very often injured since his arrival in 2019, Eden Hazard causes a lot of frustration among Real Madrid leaders and supporters. But for his part, the Belgian striker saw it rather well. Maybe even a little too much …

Eden Hazard is not much affected by his repeated injuries.

Only 13 games played for 3 goals scored and not the slightest decisive pass. These are the statistics of Eden Hazard this season in all competitions.

This is to say how much his second year at Real Madrid is once again marked by physical pains.

His injuries, Hazard puts into perspective

Just last week, the Madrid club announced a small muscle injury that will take it away from the field for a good month. Suffice to say that in his place, others would have had a very bad experience of these repeated passages in the infirmary.

But this is not at all the case with Merengue who learned to put things into perspective. When I’m injured and have to stay home, I’m lucky to have my family’s help, said Hazard in an interview with On The Front Foot magazine. It’s not the end of the world because I can spend time with my kids. When you are hurt and alone it can be difficult, but my family supports me.

The Belgian asks for time

Suddenly, the former Lille does not seem affected by his relapses, nor by the criticisms of the Spanish media. (…) When you are injured, you can do a lot of things, continued the Belgian. You can work to heal faster, but the wounds I’ve had take time to heal. I just have to wait, work hard and improve. When I am home I can enjoy and spend time with my family. To believe that the ground does not miss him as much as a.

However, we are talking about the same Hazard who has long dreamed of wearing the Real jersey. And which, since its recruitment for around 100 M € in the summer of 2019, had shown a certain lack of professionalism. What frustrate Madrid managers and supporters who may not appreciate the words of a player once considered the successor of Cristiano Ronaldo. But whose hygiene of life has nothing to do with that of CR7.

Still a long career ahead of him?

Not enough to prevent a long end of career according to him. I hope to play football for as long as possible and try to have fun on the pitch. (…) I have just turned 30, my body is fine. With luck I can still play at least five or six more years , estimated the protg of Zindine Zidane, whose interview already provokes strong reactions on social networks.

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