Record subscription cancellations in the US

Last weekend the cancellation of Netflix subscriptions in the United States broke the record in recent years, after the controversy generated by the premiere of “Cuties”, a film accused of promoting pedophilia by sexualizing the female protagonists.

According to data from the firm YipitData shared to the magazine Variety, “Netflix subscriber abandonment rates began to rise on September 10, the day after the release of ‘Cuties’ on Netflix, when the hashtag ‘#CancelNetflix’ was in the most trending place on Twitter.

“On Saturday, September 12, the cancellation rate for Netflix in the US. jumped to almost eight times higher than average daily levels registered in August 2020, reaching a maximum of several years“Said the firm that analyzes data on the behavior of millions of US consumers.

Likewise, it specified that, because “the hashtag #CancelNetflix continues to be a trend on social networks, the high churn rate may continue in the coming days”.

YipitData did not provide estimates of the number of customers who unsubscribed from the service, and Netflix did not report the situation either.

Cuties is a film written and directed by the French-Senegalese Maïmouna Doucouré. It originally premiered at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival in January this year, and as of September 9 it can be seen on Netflix.

Prior to its premiere, thousands of users of social networks demonstrated against the film. Netflix was especially criticized for promoting a “culture of pedophilia” with the film, as the description – later modified – said it was the story of a group of eleven-year-old girls who “dance sensually.”

“Amy is eleven and wants to belong to a group of girls her age who dance sensually, so she begins to exploit femininity and challenge her religious family,” the synopsis stated.

Likewise, the promotional image that accompanied the text was criticized, which was described as inappropriate by countless users. In the image you can see four girls with scant blue clothes and in erotic dance poses.

Netflix publicly apologized for the synopsis as well as the promotional image, which it deemed “inappropriate illustrations,” but did not remove the film.

On September 11, Senator from the Republican Party for the State of Texas, Ted Cruz, asked to the Attorney General of the United States to investigate whether Netflix and Cuties “violated any federal law against the production and distribution of child pornography.”

A campaign launched on the CitizenGO platform To date, it has collected more than 230,000 signatures in rejection of Cuties, demanding that Netflix “withdraw this highly offensive production.”

To join the CitizenGO signature campaign demanding that Netflix remove “Cuties” from its service, you can enter HERE.


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