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Recycle your old gold jewelry, and earn money

In old business and old family jewelry you will probably find some gold items. Rather than letting them wither in the attic or in the cellar, even if it means forgetting their existence, recycle them! From an ecological point of view, you will allow their reuse to make new jewelry. Most of all, you will be able to earn money. “On average, our customers recover 900 euros after having entrusted us with things to which they are no longer attached,” emphasizes Marie-Cécile Rigault, marketing director of the Gold brand in cash. Unfortunately, around two thirds of French people do not know the principle of recycling. It remains, for many, a saving value above all. “

Only 20% of the gold used in France comes from recycling

According to a study by the brand, the leading gold buying and selling network in France, and which Le Parisien reveals, 64% of individuals say they are ready to resell their gold. You just need to bring it to a store. To recognize it, you can first identify the punches. Other, more advanced techniques are carried out in an agency by an expert, to ensure that it is indeed the yellow metal. Depending on its weight and quality, you will receive financial compensation. “It is a payment according to the weight,” explains Marie-Cécile Rigault. And of course, it all depends on the course, which can vary daily. “

The precious metal will then be melted and recycled in the form of an ingot, intended for professionals. Before being reused to produce new jewelry (earrings, bracelets, etc.) or to add prestige to decorative elements. Today, only 20% of the gold used in France comes from recycling. However, it is a raw material that is easily and infinitely recycled, and whose extraction has a significant environmental impact. “Households are more and more concerned about ecology, and the reuse of their waste or old objects, notes the marketing director of Gold in cash. We can all help give new life to our old yellow metal objects or coins. “

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