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A Red alert it was decreed for the Valparaíso commune, due to a forest fire that affects the Peñuelas Lake National Reserve.

At the site, three firefighters units were dispatched to the forest reserve in the Placilla sector, with the support of personnel from the National Forestry Corporation (Conaf), to combat the emergency.

Parallel to the Fire Department, Conaf also mobilized the following resources: 4 tanker planes, 2 helicopters and 4 brigades, for fighting flames. The National Civil Protection System also worked in the area.

The fire affects an estimated area of 1 hectare of pasture, eucalyptus, scrub and pine within the forest reserve.

The column of smoke generated by the fire is visible from the Quilpué commune, in the Belloto Norte sector.

The governor of Valparaíso, Gonzalo Le Dantec, clarified that, for now, it is not necessary to cut the route because there are no risk conditions for drivers. Despite this, he explained that the traffic is protected to facilitate the work of the emergency units.

He added that police patrols are touring the area to prevent new outbreaks from occurring.

Firefighters of Valparaíso
Firefighters of Valparaíso


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