Red Bull F1 Representative “Nothing is more exciting than defeating Lewis Hamilton”[]

Mercedes F1 and Lewis Hamilton have reigned at the top of F1 for the past decade. Hamilton is recognized as the “King of Modern F1” and Red Bull Honda F1 team principal Christian Horner says the team needs only to beat him.

Lewis Hamilton’s stats are noteworthy. Since moving to Mercedes F1, he has added 77 more wins to the 21 wins he had in the McLaren era, and in the process has won six F1 world champions and seven titles.

For Red Bull and Honda F1, defeating Lewis Hamilton to win the title this year is the ultimate goal. “There’s nothing more exciting than racing with Lewis Hamilton, and that’s what we want,” said Christian Horner, Red Bull Racing team representative since 2005. New York Times Comment on.

“I hope it lasts to the very end. That’s what fans want to see. I don’t know if my nerves can accept it, but that’s what they’re enthusiastic about. It is. “

Red Bull’s Max Verstappen has been skipping since the opening round and the momentum hasn’t stopped. However, Lewis Hamilton has rejected Red Bull Honda’s challenge with three wins with luck on his side in the opening five races.

However, when Max Verstappen was in great shape, he performed as well as he had overwhelmed Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes in the F1 Monaco Grand Prix. Monaco is the biggest defeat for Mercedes F1 and could be at least one turning point in the title battle.

With the 2021 regulation change, Red Bull Honda got off to a good start and Mercedes was late. But in the early races, Lewis Hamilton made a difference in the race.

Christian Horner said, “We had a strong winter. The regulation change was positive for us. We were able to address some of the weaknesses of our machine. It’s mainly aerodynamics and it determines this machine. It’s a thing. “

Engine partner Honda F1 is also focusing on contributing to this year’s package, and Honda is proudly leaving F1.

“They did a great job,” admits Christian Horner.

“It’s a combination of everything coming together.”

Mercedes F1 made a futile attempt to play Underdog, with obvious wobbling this season, which soon disappeared.

Christian Horner, as in most cases, was not fooled by the smoke screen.

“There was so much excitement in the media because Mercedes had one bad test, but it was Mercedes’ absolute power, and it was only a matter of time before they got going.”

“In Race 1, we found that they were already competitive. We are working very hard to keep putting pressure on them and we will continue to do so. Very tight to this day. It’s a fight. “

“In the future, there will be tracks that suit us, and some that will suit Mercedes. I am confident that this year’s championship will be like the ebb and flow of the tide.”

Lewis Hamilton is aiming for a record eight unprecedented F1 World Champions and eight consecutive Mercedes double titles. Red Bull’s last title win dates back to 2013.

“It’s been the most competitive battle in the last few years, and Max is showing a really extraordinary performance. No doubt he has a machine that can win the championship and if we don’t stop ourselves There is a team that can win the championship that can hold

“It’s a good scenario for me to fight other teams that may go even further in the best of conditions or in certain situations. Max is more experienced, wins more races and is the champion. Incredibly hungry to win the ship. “

“We are all racing for victory and here to fight. The game is about to begin!”

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