Red Sox – Eduardo Rodríguez will not launch this year in MLB

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The Venezuelan pitcher of Boston Red Sox, Eduardo Rodríguez will not play the 2020 season of the MLB by Myocarditis.

The “redheads”Will have a noticeable loss due to not having Rodriguez In the starting rotation for the 2020 season, the pitcher comes in as the third-most pitcher with the most wins (19) after Gerrit Cole (20) and Justin Verlander (21).

After testing positive for Covid-19 and overcoming it, he had sequelae of the virus and was suffering from Myocarditis, a disease that generates insufficiency in the heart that is produced by a bacterium, in this case the Coronavirus.

Because of this, the organization of Red Sox reported that he expects the left-hander to fully recover his physical condition to return to Big leagues.

Without a doubt, it is a sensible loss for the franchise of Boston, since the Creole comes from being the best Latin pitcher in the MLB registering 19 victories, six defeats and a 3.81 ERA.


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