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Editor’s note:Why does sugar make people fat? Can I enjoy it with confidence if it is labeled “sugar-free”? Whether modern people need sugar or not actually varies from person to person, and some people don’t need it.Therefore, we should take a good look at our activity level. If it is not a person with a very high level of activity, it is actuallycarbohydrateIn terms of intake, it is advisable to moderately control it.

behavioral therapyStart cutting sugar in the evening!Do not eat three hours before bed


□ DinnercarbohydrateYesincreased body fats reason!

□ Going to bed within three hours after dinner can cause reflux esophagitis

□ Only eat 80% full for dinner, never consider supper

Chance after dinner to before breakfast

Among breakfast, lunch, and dinner, which meal has the most weight? Mostly dinner.

In fact, the amount of activity during the period from dinner to breakfast is less than during the day, and almost everyone can’t consume the calories consumed during this period. In this way, the remaining calories (especially sugar) will be converted into body fat.

In addition, within three to four hours after a meal, the food in the stomach has not been digested, and going to bed within three hours after a meal will cause food to flow backward from the esophagus. Especially obese people will suffer from reflux esophagitis due to high abdominal pressure.

Usually the period from dinner to breakfast the next day is the easiest time of the day to burn body fat because of the long fasting time. Moreover, you will not feel appetite during sleep, which is an excellent time for reducing sugar.

From various points of view, the author recommends that you minimize your sugar intake for dinner, and finish your meal three hours before going to bed, and only eat 80% full. Of course, there is no need to discuss the midnight snack.

Reasons why eating before bed makes you fat

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It’s late to get home from get off work, and the time for dinner will of course be delayed.

However, going to bed immediately after dinner can make people fat.

Reasons for gaining weight①Unable to consume the amount eaten

The activity after dinner is at most just a bath, so that the calories (especially sugar) eaten in dinner cannot be consumed, nor can they be consumed during sleep. The end result is that everything turns directly into fat.

Reasons for gaining weight②Fat-prone protein increases

From evening to night, a protein called Bmall will increase, and this protein will store fat in fat cells. Bmall will surge after ten o’clock in the evening, hoarding all the calories that have not been consumed before going to bed in the body.

Ideal for evening to bedtime

(Provided by Taiwan Dongfan)

If the bedtime is roughly fixed, the time for dinner can be calculated forward from this.

In addition, it is also important to avoid sugar intake as much as possible after the evening.

① Take sugar NG after evening

Do not eat or eat noodles for dinner, but take in vegetables, fish, meat and other proteins. By reducing sugar intake, it is easier to burn fat.

②Dinner should be 3 hours before going to bedcompleted hours ago

At least 3 hours should be reserved between eating a full meal and before going to bed, so that the calories from dinner are consumed to a certain extent before going to bed. Fat will be burned during sleep, and it is easier to lose weight. In addition, it can also prevent reflux esophagitis.

③Supper is prohibited!

Absolutely can not eat supper. In particular, I finished dinner 3 hours before bedtime, and after eating supper, all previous efforts were wasted. Don’t lose to temptation, go to bed early!

◎Sugar Q&A

Q.carry outreduced sugar dietWouldn’t it be dangerous?

A. A balanced intake of fish, meat, and soy products to replace sugar is no problem!

Indeed some papers claim that “reduced sugar dietmay pose risks to health”, but these papers all conducted research on guinea pigs and allowed them to ingest a large amount of lipids to supplement the calories needed for sugar reduction. In some studies, lipids even accounted for 60% of the diet.

Lipid accounts for 60% of the diet, which is a figure that can only be achieved by eating a lot of meat at each meal. People who eat a lot of lipids are mostly in a state of eating too much, and it turns out that their sugar intake is also excessive.

In addition, the United States conducted a survey in 2010 on people who had followed a sugar-reducing diet for more than ten years. The results found that the mortality rate increased in groups that ate more animal-based foods, while the mortality rate decreased in groups that ate more plant-based foods. In other words, instead of saying that a reduced-sugar diet is dangerous, it should be said that this survey should only show that simply replacing sugar with meat has its dangers. I don’t know why after this information spread to Japan, it became dangerous to implement long-term sugar reduction.

U.S. to use reduced-sugar diet as treatment in 2019diabetesThe diet therapy is also highly recommended because of the best results. However, human beings are omnivorous animals in the first place, so they should have a balanced mix of animal foods such as fish and meat and plant foods such as soybeans and soybean products.

Q.Can a reduced-sugar diet last forever?

A. Sustained sugar reduction can prevent obesity anddiabetesAs long as the correct sugar-reducing diet is continued, most people can successfully lose weight within six months to one year. In this way, not only the amount of visceral fat is reduced, but also lifestyle-related diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, hyperuricemia, and fatty liver tend to be improved.

Most patients who have been taking lifestyle-related disease drugs can recover to a state where they do not need to take drugs. However, after returning to the original diet, the weight will also come back, and the lifestyle-related disease will recur.

We should not ask how long to last, but have the intention to last a lifetime.

Some people will also ask “Is it really okay to continue?” The author thinks that it is basically no problem.

As long as you recognize that sugar is taken in accordance with the amount of activity and is used to supplement the nutrients that consume calories, you will feel that modern people with less activity should maintain a sugar-reduced diet. On the contrary, people who continue to live a diet full of sugar and maintain a state of obesity and diabetes are more serious.

Dr. Yasuji Ebe, the pioneer of the sugar-reducing diet, has practiced the sugar-reducing diet for more than 20 years while he is a diabetic patient, without any health problems.

As long as you successfully lose weight through a sugar-reducing diet, you can still eat high-sugar foods once in a while as a pleasure in life without deteriorating your weight and blood sugar levels. Of course, the premise is to have moderation.

Q.Can’t defecate smoothly, can I continue to follow a sugar-reducing diet?

A. The intestinal environment is changing! Continued to stabilize the intestinal environment.

After starting a sugar-reducing diet, 20% to 30% of people will experience constipation. The reason is that with the change of dietary life, the intestinal environment will also undergo great changes. However, after a few months, when the bacteria in the gut get used to the dietary changes, most people’s constipation improves.

In addition, people who have always taken a large amount of staple food (carbohydrates) will also cause constipation due to insufficient dietary fiber after reducing sugar. There are also many cases showing that in this situation, as long as the amount of carbohydrates such as rice and bread is reduced, and the intake of vegetables such as broccoli and cabbage and mushrooms is increased, dietary fiber supplementation can improve constipation. It is also an effective way to increase the amount of exercise and exercise abdominal muscles with muscle strength training (↓P130).

However, people who already have constipation problems may become more serious due to a reduced-sugar diet. Before the intestinal environment is adjusted, it is not uncommon to be unable to improve by increasing the intake of dietary fiber. It may be considered to temporarily take constipation medicine. People who have worsened constipation due to a reduced-sugar diet should consult a family physician.

Some people may start to eat carbohydrates such as rice as usual because of constipation. This may make bowel movements smoother, but weight and blood sugar levels will also be knocked back to their original shape.

Even if you are constipated, don’t interrupt the sugar reduction, it can be solved by increasing the intake of dietary fiber. Persistence is very important for reducing sugar.

Q.Why can’t I lose weight on a sugar-reducing diet?

A. Did you accidentally eat snacks or have constipation? It could also be a matter of the thrifty gene.

Most people lose weight successfully on a sugar-reduced diet, but some of them don’t.

Possible causes include instances of unintentional sugar intake. For example, snacks received at the workplace, high-sugar dishes eaten bit by bit because of the taste, and sports drinks drunk during exercise. Frequent intake of sugar like this will cause the obesity hormone insulin to be secreted frequently, resulting in inability to burn body fat (especially visceral fat).

In addition, constipation is also the enemy of weight loss. In the case of severe constipation, it is difficult to achieve results no matter how diligently a reduced-sugar diet is practiced. You can try to increase the amount of dietary fiber, or ask your doctor to prescribe constipation medicine. It is believed that improving bowel movements and weight loss are related.

People who stick to a reduced-sugar diet and don’t have constipation problems, but still can’t lose weight, may be because they have the frugal gene, which is not easy to consume calories and easy to lose weight.hoarding fatThe physique accounts for about 10% of all human beings.

In this case, in addition to carbohydrates, calories from intake of lipids, etc. also need to be reduced. However, reducing protein, vitamins, and minerals may cause health problems, so people with such problems are advised to follow the guidance of weight loss specialists for weight loss.

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This article is excerpted from: “Illustrate sugar, the most convenient energy source for the human body: zero concept can also be fun!Understand the function and mechanism of carbohydrates“, provided by Taiwan Dongfan.

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