refusing the health pass, Fabrice Di Vizio forced to participate in the show … outside! (VIDEO)

This Monday, August 30, for the premiere of TPMP, Fabrice Di Vizio could not enter the set because he did not have a valid health pass. He therefore found himself arguing with the other columnists from an office … Installed outside!

Since the introduction of the health pass a few months ago, many French people take to the streets every Saturday to express their discontent. If the mobilization tends to weaken from week to week, several far-right leaders have managed to capture the attention of certain citizens such as Florian Philippot or Nicolas Dupont-Aignan. Since Monday, August 30, 1.8 million French people must present a valid health pass to exercise their profession. This is a new step in the application of this measure in the country. The government has extended this precious sesame to all employees in contact with the public. For the moment, its introduction seems to be bearing fruit since more than 48 million French people have received a first injection and France is at the top of the ranking on vaccination.

Fabrice Di Vizio debate off the set of TPMP

This Monday, August 30, Cyril Hanouna began the thirteenth season of Do not touch My TV on C8. And to everyone’s surprise, Fabrice Di Vizio was banned from entering the set of C8’s flagship talk show. Why ? Because he doesn’t have a health pass. Indeed, the program receiving the public in an enclosed space, each person attending or participating in it is obliged to present a valid health pass to be able to access the set. Without this document, it is therefore impossible to enter it … This was the case for the columnist this evening for the start of the program.

A lunar sequence!

It is therefore from outside – on a desk installed in the middle of the street – that the lawyer intervened to express his dissatisfaction, under the laughter of the chroniclers around the table and Cyril Hanouna, amused by the situation. I will not come on the set as long as there is a health pass. On your set, there are people who are vaccinated and others who are not “, he began, visibly annoyed. A few moments later, the new columnist of the show, the Italian Paolo Levi, expressed his disagreement with his colleague regarding the vaccination.

Do not touch My TV, to be found in full on the application myCANAL.

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